01 fashion+fcuker+judas+jun+lee+alexander+wang+parental+advisory+t-shirt+sweatshirt+raf+simons+adidas+originals+formula+one+sneakers+sporty+chic+street+style+prisma+clutch+menswear+2014+china+beijing
08 fashion+fcuker+judas+jun+lee+alexander+wang+parental+advisory+t-shirt+sweatshirt+raf+simons+adidas+originals+formula+one+sneakers+sporty+chic+street+style+prisma+clutch+menswear+2014+china+beijing

Trace back to the year early 2013 when Alexander Wang kicked off his spring 2014 runway, thatParental Advisory” sweatshirt has ultimately been the most copied and most Instagram-friendly look of the season. However, that sweatshirt didn’t make the cut for me when it finally hit the stores, sartorially and financially, even after months of impatient wait for a instant purchase. Later on this commercial t-shirt edition of that sweatshirt spontaneously caught my eyes. It features Wang’s signature seamless boxy silhouette while embracing an oversize touch. And the bounded Explicit Content logo just provides us with an understated (and cool) alternative to work the collection’s logo detailing.

I simply match the t-shirt with my custom-made leather shorts, whose styling prototype can be found on Wang’s lookbook. In light of texture variation, the “Prisma” pouch from Alexander Wang is an extremely minimal yet statement making finish to the ensemble. With a mesh-pattern embossed leather front and my personal favorite zip fastening, it can be carried everywhere from a coffee shop to an art gallery(and yes, I even carry it for grocery shopping).  And dare I just say that I’m one of those shoe stalkers? Or to be more specific, I’m probably made one by these Formula One 1 sneakers from Raf Simons for Adidas Originals. As another one of the most coveted pieces from the spring 2013 collections, it works impeccably well with my partiality for simple outfits by adding a more identical vibe.

04 fashion+fcuker+judas+jun+lee+alexander+wang+parental+advisory+t-shirt+sweatshirt+raf+simons+adidas+originals+formula+one+sneakers+sporty+chic+street+style+prisma+clutch+menswear+2014+china+beijing
12 fashion+fcuker+judas+jun+lee+alexander+wang+parental+advisory+t-shirt+sweatshirt+raf+simons+adidas+originals+formula+one+sneakers+sporty+chic+street+style+prisma+clutch+menswear+2014+china+beijing
03 fashion+fcuker+judas+jun+lee+alexander+wang+parental+advisory+t-shirt+sweatshirt+raf+simons+adidas+originals+formula+one+sneakers+sporty+chic+street+style+prisma+clutch+menswear+2014+china+beijing
11 fashion+fcuker+judas+jun+lee+alexander+wang+parental+advisory+t-shirt+sweatshirt+raf+simons+adidas+originals+formula+one+sneakers+sporty+chic+street+style+prisma+clutch+menswear+2014+china+beijing
02 fashion+fcuker+judas+jun+lee+alexander+wang+parental+advisory+t-shirt+sweatshirt+raf+simons+adidas+originals+formula+one+sneakers+sporty+chic+street+style+prisma+clutch+menswear+2014+china+beijing

07 fashion+fcuker+judas+jun+lee+alexander+wang+parental+advisory+t-shirt+sweatshirt+raf+simons+adidas+originals+formula+one+sneakers+sporty+chic+street+style+prisma+clutch+menswear+2014+china+beijing
09 fashion+fcuker+judas+jun+lee+alexander+wang+parental+advisory+t-shirt+sweatshirt+raf+simons+adidas+originals+formula+one+sneakers+sporty+chic+street+style+prisma+clutch+menswear+2014+china+beijing
10 fashion+fcuker+judas+jun+lee+alexander+wang+parental+advisory+t-shirt+sweatshirt+raf+simons+adidas+originals+formula+one+sneakers+sporty+chic+street+style+prisma+clutch+menswear+2014+china+beijing


I’m wearing…

Alexander Wang Parental Advisory” t-shirt (shop it in cellophane here or budget here) | custom-made nappa leather shorts | Alexander Wang “Prisma” pouch | Raf Simons for Adidas Originals Formula One 1 sneakers 

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  1. ediot

    nice blog
    great look
    dig them sneakers

    e d i o t

  2. Jessica

    Those sneakers are amazeballs! Great outfit Judas.


  3. YZ Chan

    This is such a cool and casual outfit! Love the ‘Parental Advisory t-shirt and colourful sneakers. x

    Nerve Wires

  4. Eye See Euphoria

    Great style and those shoes are dope!

  5. Caroline

    Love that look, very minimalist chic, and amazing clutch and sneakers !!


    too good to be true! well styled, dear! ps: I’m a sucker for that bag

    heartbeats, Carola // VIENNA WEDEKIND

  7. SweetMona

    super cool!

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