01 fashion+fcuker+judas+jun+lee+acne+studios+men+slogan+logo+spectacular+sensation+t+shirt+chic+minimal+street+style+chic+paris+spring+2014+2015+blogger+monki+greats+nick+wooster+silver+slip+on+shoes
02 fashion+fcuker+judas+jun+lee+acne+studios+men+slogan+logo+spectacular+sensation+t+shirt+chic+minimal+street+style+chic+paris+spring+2014+2015+blogger+monki+greats+nick+wooster+silver+slip+on+shoes

I have this special partiality lately for the hue of grey, it can be peppercorn grey, metallic silver, or simply the classy fifty shades of grey. And blame it on the broiling temperature, the roll-out-of-bed easy Friday outfit impresses me more than layering does. The core dress code under the temperature of 35 degrees tends to be the sound coupling of utility and luxe. Ultimately, it’s just the right time that fancy layering or sophisticated designer pieces take a break in the wardrobe, since it’s too hot not to wear a pair of killer shoes other than a whole set of comfy clothes. Thus, let’s get back to the inevitable shoe issue, which indicates that if only a person were to be judgmental, it could only be based on judging one’s shoes.

So this outfit tends to be another let-your-shoes-say-it one, which consists of simple and practical pieces like a t-shirt written “Spectacular Sensation” from Acne Studios, custom leather shorts, a double-zipped backpack from Monki, and these metallic silver shoes. Yes, I’m talking about practicality, which I might have probably dismissed in the past. And yes, I’m holding a backpack (finally) rather than a clutch or pouch. I had a crush on this backpack from Monki at the first sight when I happened to spot it in the shop window. Except for the zips which I might slightly have a problem with, this backpack is of high utility while still remaining a scent of stylish vibe. Most significantly, when I push ideas about what’s fun to wear with basic pieces, I amp up embellishment or go for glitter and mood-enhancing shoes——these metallic “Wooster” kicks from Nick Wooster x Greats.

03 fashion+fcuker+judas+jun+lee+acne+studios+men+slogan+logo+spectacular+sensation+t+shirt+chic+minimal+street+style+chic+paris+spring+2014+2015+blogger+monki+greats+nick+wooster+silver+slip+on+shoes
04 fashion+fcuker+judas+jun+lee+acne+studios+men+slogan+logo+spectacular+sensation+t+shirt+chic+minimal+street+style+chic+paris+spring+2014+2015+blogger+monki+greats+nick+wooster+silver+slip+on+shoes
05 fashion+fcuker+judas+jun+lee+acne+studios+men+slogan+logo+spectacular+sensation+t+shirt+chic+minimal+street+style+chic+paris+spring+2014+2015+blogger+monki+greats+nick+wooster+silver+slip+on+shoes
06 fashion+fcuker+judas+jun+lee+acne+studios+men+slogan+logo+spectacular+sensation+t+shirt+chic+minimal+street+style+chic+paris+spring+2014+2015+blogger+monki+greats+nick+wooster+silver+slip+on+shoes
08 fashion+fcuker+judas+jun+lee+acne+studios+men+slogan+logo+spectacular+sensation+t+shirt+chic+minimal+street+style+chic+paris+spring+2014+2015+blogger+monki+greats+nick+wooster+silver+slip+on+shoes
07 fashion+fcuker+judas+jun+lee+acne+studios+men+slogan+logo+spectacular+sensation+t+shirt+chic+minimal+street+style+chic+paris+spring+2014+2015+blogger+monki+greats+nick+wooster+silver+slip+on+shoes
09 fashion+fcuker+judas+jun+lee+acne+studios+men+slogan+logo+spectacular+sensation+t+shirt+chic+minimal+street+style+chic+paris+spring+2014+2015+blogger+monki+greats+nick+wooster+silver+slip+on+shoes
10 fashion+fcuker+judas+jun+lee+acne+studios+men+slogan+logo+spectacular+sensation+t+shirt+chic+minimal+street+style+chic+paris+spring+2014+2015+blogger+monki+greats+nick+wooster+silver+slip+on+shoes
11 fashion+fcuker+judas+jun+lee+acne+studios+men+slogan+logo+spectacular+sensation+t+shirt+chic+minimal+street+style+chic+paris+spring+2014+2015+blogger+monki+greats+nick+wooster+silver+slip+on+shoes

I’m wearing…

Acne Studios “Spectacular Sensation” t-shirt (shop it in sweatshirt or more from this collection) | custom leather shorts | Monki “Elvira” faux leather backpack (I’m also digging this one) | Nick Wooster x Greats “Wooster” slip-on sneakers

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  1. mary

    I love acne! your set is gorgeous!

  2. Abdul Rafique


  3. Pilar Ayuso

    Cool tee!! kisses!!


  4. inkarlcerating

    youre the best !!!!!

  5. ediot

    great outfit
    love that last shot

    e d i o t

  6. Jeanne

    Uber cool look from head to toe! I love every detail of it!

  7. StyleSpectra

    What a greta outfit!

  8. Margaret Dallospedale

    So cool
    I really like it
    Maggie D.
    The Indian Savage diary

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