01 fashion+fcuker+judas+jun+lee+raf+simons+adidas+originals+formula+one+sneakers+trainers+shoes+spring+sunmmer+fall+winter+2014+menswear+street+style+chic+men+fashion+week+color
02 fashion+fcuker+judas+jun+lee+raf+simons+adidas+originals+formula+one+sneakers+trainers+shoes+spring+sunmmer+fall+winter+2014+menswear+street+style+chic+men+fashion+week+color
03 fashion+fcuker+judas+jun+lee+raf+simons+adidas+originals+formula+one+sneakers+trainers+shoes+spring+sunmmer+fall+winter+2014+menswear+street+style+chic+men+fashion+week+color

All the good treats come in black boxes. And If you’re following me on Instagram, you might have caught a peek-a-boo of these creations of art from Raf Simons x Adidas Originals. I’ve come up with a pyramid of ideas embracing mash-ups with these statement sneakers. Outfit posts go live soon. Stay tuned!

04 fashion+fcuker+judas+jun+lee+raf+simons+adidas+originals+formula+one+sneakers+trainers+shoes+spring+sunmmer+fall+winter+2014+menswear+street+style+chic+men+fashion+week+color
05 fashion+fcuker+judas+jun+lee+raf+simons+adidas+originals+formula+one+sneakers+trainers+shoes+spring+sunmmer+fall+winter+2014+menswear+street+style+chic+men+fashion+week+color
06 fashion+fcuker+judas+jun+lee+raf+simons+adidas+originals+formula+one+sneakers+trainers+shoes+spring+sunmmer+fall+winter+2014+menswear+street+style+chic+men+fashion+week+color

Get your pair of “Formula One 1”  ON SALE here. Or shop it in maroon and cellophane here.

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00 fashion+fcuker+judas+lee+acne+studios+adriana+metallic+sneakers+shoes+trainers+silver+satin+emoji+chic+2014+shop+street+style+blogger+mensfashion+china+instagram

01 2 fashion+fcuker+judas+lee+acne+studios+adriana+metallic+sneakers+shoes+trainers+silver+satin+emoji+chic+2014+shop+street+style+blogger+mensfashion+china+instagram

Alas, I snapped up these Adirana lace-ups from Acne Studios (finally!) right after they were put on sale on Nordstrom. These metallic cult creatures with that nonplussed emoji are definitely your statement shoes throughout the latter half of 2014. For the record, they are currently on sale everywhere and you might fetch your pair of these emoji sneakers according to your partiality in metallic silver, satin black, striped canvas, satin mauve or even metallic gold exclusively available on ssense.com.

02 fashion+fcuker+judas+lee+acne+studios+adriana+metallic+sneakers+shoes+trainers+silver+satin+emoji+chic+2014+shop+street+style+blogger+mensfashion+china+instagram
03 fashion+fcuker+judas+lee+acne+studios+adriana+metallic+sneakers+shoes+trainers+silver+satin+emoji+chic+2014+shop+street+style+blogger+mensfashion+china+instagram
04 fashion+fcuker+judas+lee+acne+studios+adriana+metallic+sneakers+shoes+trainers+silver+satin+emoji+chic+2014+shop+street+style+blogger+mensfashion+china+instagram
01 fashion+fcuker+judas+lee+acne+studios+adriana+metallic+sneakers+shoes+trainers+silver+satin+emoji+chic+2014+shop+street+style+blogger+mensfashion+china+instagram

Make sure to get yourself one of these ‘Adriana’….

METALLIC SILVER  Barneys New York (sale) | Liberty | Farfetch(sizes available) 

STRIPED CANVAS  Barneys New York (sale) | Saks Fifth Avenue(sale) | Matchesfashion(sale) | Mytheresa

BLACK SATIN  Ssense | LN-CC  (sale)

BLACK LEATHER  Barneys New York(sale)

MAUVE SATIN   Mytheresa

METALLIC GOLD(exclusive)   Ssense

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00 judas+jun+lee+fashion+fcuker+givenchy+camouflag+neon+jacket+acne+studios+royal+blue+olympia+mesh+bomber+jacket+style+men+2014+pfw
01 judas+jun+lee+fashion+fcuker+givenchy+camouflag+neon+jacket+acne+studios+royal+blue+olympia+mesh+bomber+jacket+style+men+2014+pfw
The prevalence of #Coachella indicates the arrival of summer. Alas, hot pants, metallic shades, #Birkinstocks , and a host of t-shirts-t-shirts-and t-shirts situation just as how you stereotype it to be, have eventually taken the throne of our daily uniforms. (Sorry for the over-hashtagging situation. But well, anyway). However, in most circumstances, t-shirts are more likely in conjunction with beachwear or somewhat non-stylish pieces, for they are more like lacking sartorial variation. Thus, it’s high time we took summer jackets into consideration.

02 judas+jun+lee+fashion+fcuker+givenchy+camouflag+neon+jacket+acne+studios+royal+blue+olympia+mesh+bomber+jacket+style+men+2014+pfw
These three pieces are my recent purchase as well as gifts from the designers. The neon camouflage jacket is from the local designer boutique Discard & Logic which is co-founded and executed by my friend Alulu. It simply plays with a contrast between the understated silhouette seen extensively from a denim jacket, and the statement camouflage pattern with shades of neon. There is a moment that my mind flows to Valentino, which has made its signature unconventional camouflage a hit throughout the runway and realway. Plus, if you randomly go into the structure of the jacket, you might as well find a twist on shoulders which allows you to remove the sleeves by unzipping the side zippers.

03 judas+jun+lee+fashion+fcuker+givenchy+camouflag+neon+jacket+acne+studios+royal+blue+olympia+mesh+bomber+jacket+style+men+2014+pfw
Following up is this mesh bomber jacket from Mr. Seven‘s homonymous designer brand Mixseven. Here you can find a zip-up detail on the left sleeve (yes, i’m a zip person), another zipper on the front, and all-minimal-everything. I could come up with multi ways of how i will be like in this jacket. I may simply wear it with an Alexander Wang t-shirt and matching shorts, or drape it on the shoulders as a translucent finish for a set of patterns.

04 judas+jun+lee+fashion+fcuker+givenchy+camouflag+neon+jacket+acne+studios+royal+blue+olympia+mesh+bomber+jacket+style+men+2014+pfw
I’m sure that you might have spotted a series of electric blue pieces from Acne Studios. And this Olympia jacket is just among the blue crowd. That’s what they say about how Acne Studios is the master of making amazing jackets by just going basic in compounding seemingly plain elements but coming up with unintentional modern edge. We’ve seen a pyramid of blue jackets before, but only few of them are able to break the routine by not ruining its wearable. And Olympia is just one of the few.


Just in case you are wondering…

Acne Studios Olympia royal blue jacket (similar here and shop it in black here) | Discard&Logic neon camouflage bomber jacket (similar here) | Mixseven mesh bomber jacket  | Celine satin slip-on sneakers(similar here and here) | Kate Spade ‘The Never Ending Love Story’ book clutch (similar here)

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01 judas+lee+fashion+fcuker+nike+slide+slipper+nike+sweatshirt+kenzo+mesh+pouch+acne+studios+rumor+tote+jil+sander+clutch

Hey there, How is it going buds? I’m updating our new post at Hongkong Hostel.(weeee) Here comes the latest arrival from Jil Sander and Nike(Oops I did it again!)  Thus, my logomania collection has by far come to completion, finally, from cloths to clutches, and yes even those slides slippers.

03 judas+lee+fashion+fcuker+nike+slide+slipper+nike+sweatshirt+kenzo+mesh+pouch+acne+studios+rumor+tote+jil+sander+clutch
02 judas+lee+fashion+fcuker+nike+slide+slipper+nike+sweatshirt+kenzo+mesh+pouch+acne+studios+rumor+tote+jil+sander+clutch
04 judas+lee+fashion+fcuker+nike+slide+slipper+nike+sweatshirt+kenzo+mesh+pouch+acne+studios+rumor+tote+jil+sander+clutch

what i bought…

Jil Sander logo embossed clutch | Nike Sportswear logo sweatshirt | NikeBenassi’ slides slippers | Kenzo mesh pouch | Acne Studios ‘Rumor’ logo tote

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