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Vanessa Hong @The Haute Pursuit / Margaret Zhang @Shine By Three / Charlie May @Girl a la Mode

I unwittingly re-went over some articles on “Normcore”, when I was working on my final presentation. As one of the latest fashion lexicons in 2014,  “Normcore” refers to “a bland anti-style, bandied around everywhere, from the front row to Twitter and New York Magazine” according to vogue.co.uk. It  is defined as “the notion of dressing in an utterly conventional, nondescript way struck a collective chord.” Plus, if you go into this theme one step forward, you will be likely to find out its original notion seen “on the desire to fit in rather than stand out.”

Understated and nondescript, that will be the appropriate phrase to encapsulate Normcore as well as the button-down trend that sweeps over the spring/summer 2014 catalogs  from runway to the real realway. Yes, I’m talking about one of the most reviled approaches to deal with your shirt —— button-down, spoken highly of as trend. This time, however, since it’s the year 2014, you’ve got more than one way to button (down) your shirt. Besides wearing it dangerous unbuttoned on the top as Altuzarra’s  instructions (see Margaret and Charlie in the realway), it’s precisely reasonable to follow Alexander Wang‘s Button-down Faceoff, which is with just the top buttons fastened, leaving the midriff completely bare (see how Vanessa gets her FrontRowShop blouse put together).

05 jun+lee+fashion+fcuker+alexander+wang+atluzzara+the+haute+pursuit+vanessa+hong+shine+by+three+margaret+zhang+charlie+may+girla+lamode+button+down+spring+2014+runway+trend
04 jun+lee+fashion+fcuker+alexander+wang+atluzzara+the+haute+pursuit+vanessa+hong+shine+by+three+margaret+zhang+charlie+may+girla+lamode+button+down+spring+2014+runway+trend

Here a pyramid of man’s shirts (or designated blouses) are your best options. Most probably a pair of matching boxing shorts would be a perfect match, while distressed jeans are also suggested(see Margaret and Vanessa). And what matters most in this situation is that this is literally the season to add abs crunches to your daily routine. Good luck and button down!

03 jun+lee+fashion+fcuker+alexander+wang+atluzzara+the+haute+pursuit+vanessa+hong+shine+by+three+margaret+zhang+charlie+may+girla+lamode+button+down+spring+2014+runway+trend

on the mood board…

Alexander Wang dolman-sleeved shirt | Acne Studios white Oxford shirt | Alexander Wang combined playsuit | T by Alexander Wang white blouse (budget one here) | Altuzarra striped blouse (similar here)| Zara combined blouse in pastel blue | Zara combined blouse in pristine petal 

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Situation: The street style pros(in the past) are always seen ‘overdressed’ by overbaring their skin in winter to be photographed(see blogger Nani Bakyt baring ankles during Paris Couture Week) . However, chances are the situation is going to undergo a shift, for from the new pre-fall and menswear collections, designers have come up new anti-freeze ideas that might not only shelter us from the deep freeze but also contributing to sartorial satisfaction. Wrapping in a blanket, to say, has by far been a profoundly impressive trend that is extended from the runway.

02 fashion+fcuker+judas+lee+xander+zhou+chloe+thom+browne+michael+kors+thakoon+blanket+wrap+scarf+fashion+week+london+2014+pre+fall+winter+lookbook+trendspot

Alas, it’s a Wrap! Ranging from womenswear to menswear, from runway to realway, designers, as well as groups of street style pros are making their distinct reinterpretations of those soft and cozy wraps, or to say, blankets! You may start as a mediate fashionista wearing a sophisticated scarf by Jonathan Saunders or Thakoon Addition. For a premier street style pro ensemble, drape that chunky knit blanket from Sibling on your left shoulder or, wrapping yourself in a Chloé cloaked blanket(or to say the ‘well-groomed turqouise diapers’ ?)

Voices: ‘Oversized blankets are nightmares to proportion’

Hold your dashing wraps in hands, like what Xander Zhou has taught us. You will correspondingly be considered as someone who has got  a good command of the season-it.

03 fashion+fcuker+judas+lee+xander+zhou+chloe+thom+browne+michael+kors+thakoon+blanket+wrap+scarf+fashion+week+london+2014+pre+fall+winter+lookbook+trendspot

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items in the slideshow….


After being indulged in fifty shades of grey long overdue through this fall, some fresh perspectives are pushing themselves to be seen for the upcoming spring. Vibrant colors and patterns are re-constructed by a fine-art spin, which involve bold creativity and spectacular techniques that  take them to a higher level. Here I pick out some of the chicest bags, shoes, and baubles from the Spring 2014 accessories. Click on the slideshow above and have a glimpse of them.

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Tracing back to the time when, that pair of Isabel Marant’s wedge sneakers was in a swelling rush to have almost every fashion insiders, from senior editors, notable bloggers to somewhat showgoers or even the dashing unknown someone, traveled the familiar trajectory to stomp around fashion week in it. As a matter of fact, however, I wasn’t (and probably won’t for good) a huge fan of this somehow whimsical trend, for the wedges itself looks like, what Zac Posen has mentioned, a frumpy dumpy to me.

street 1 judas+lee+fashion+and+fcuker+celine+slip-on+shoes+neakers+street+style+chic+trend+leopard.jpg
sietske 1 judas+lee+fashion+and+fcuker+celine+slip-on+shoes+neakers+street+style+chic+trend+leopard.jpg

pastel coat + leather pants+ loose tank top. Sietske kills it with this pony hair slip-on sneakers by Zara

ss 2 1 judas+lee+fashion+and+fcuker+celine+slip-on+shoes+neakers+street+style+chic+trend+leopard.jpg

Studio Nicholson Fall/Winter 2013 Lookbook

But thanks god, like every trickle-down trend, the tidal wave of the Isabel wedges waned fairly quickly. And we’ve got another trend swiftly swooped in. Judging by those street style arbiters, I think we would easily reach a consensus that the slip-on sneaker, which can be seen on either haute fashion houses or contemporary designers, is in its booming age.


2 1 judas+lee+fashion+and+fcuker+celine+slip-on+shoes+neakers+street+style+chic+trend+leopard.jpg

Givenchy striped snakeskin | Vans canvas | Givenchy striped snakeskin

Kenzo ‘Fly Tiger’ | Schutz leopard | H&M leopard

Kenzo marble print| Vans leopard  | Givenchy silk printed

Honestly speaking, the slip-on silhouette isn’t that new and creative, as seen on the original version by Vans in the Grungy 90s. Still, designers nowadays tend to add more haute sophistication to their high-end slip-on sneakers. Going from Givenchy’s slip-on which is covered by its signature lacing details while trimmed with leather, to that classic canvas slip-on complemented with vibrant ‘Fly Tigers’ print by Kenzo, or just taking a look at that furry ponyhair slip-on by Zara which has been snapped up in the blink of an eye, a slip-on sneaker is of that charm to go for easygoing perfection in a way that reminds me of somewhat the resurgence of grunge and pop culture. However, this pre-grungy something comes along alone this time, warmly embraced by the couture crowd. What’s more, if you’ve ever noticed the recent lookbook of Studio Nicholson, you must be astonished to find out that every look within is styled with that pair of Celine leopard slip-on sneakers. Now you may match your structured oversized coat with a pair of trendy slip-ons for some boyish scents. Or to push the boundaries more  flagrantly, forget your killer heels for a while, for your smoky gowns are yearning for a break just like you do. And don’t forget to put a pair of Nike socks in it.

4 1 judas+lee+fashion+and+fcuker+celine+slip-on+shoes+neakers+street+style+chic+trend+leopard.jpg

Givenchy lace | Next pony hair

3  judas+lee+fashion+and+fcuker+celine+slip-on+shoes+neakers+street+style+chic+trend+leopard.jpg

Kurt Geiger quilted leather | Givenchy leather

FFShop24 leopard | Celine checked

Givenchy sation and leather print | Celine neon yellow pony hair

Celine snakeskin | Vans leather


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