“A coffee and a cactus to go please”

If you take the red subway line to Tekniska högskolan and take the exit that says Körsbärsvägen, the first thing you see on your right side as you walk up the stairs is a small cosy café called Krukor & Kaffe. This unique little green oasis opened earlier this year and sells – as the name reveals – pots and coffee. We thought this idea was brilliant and wanted to know more about how it all started, so we visited founder Filippa Persson and all of her plants on a sunny (and snowy…) afternoon in April!


How did you come up with the idea to sell pots and coffee?
– Before I opened the café I was studying fashion and spent a lot of time at home. I read, fixed with our hundred plants and drank lots of coffee. When I was approaching the end of my studies, I hesitated if working with fashion was really what I wanted to do. The anxiety over that I soon would be done with my studies and did not know which path I would take in life grew (as it does for so many other students).

– The last thing I wanted was to end up in a company that is controlled in every detail and follows a template for how things should be handled, and where creativity is stifled. So my boyfriend said “You should do something with this, this thing with your plants”. And there the idea was born; my dream to start my very own little green cafe. Thanks to his faith in me and my interests, I saw a path in front of me – pots and coffee.

What did you do before Krukor & Kaffe? Do you have any cafe experience?
– I worked with clothes for many years, and I have a graduate degree in fashion studies and sustainable community from Stockholm University. I’ve never worked in a cafe or restaurant before, so I have zero experience in that. It is incredibly exciting to learn everything yourself – from making a good espresso to serving people and running a business.

– I was pretty jittery on the opening day of Krukor & Kaffe, and I cried every day for two weeks. But now I feel quite comfortable and love my new job!

How has the reception been?
– Absolutely fantastic. The customers love it and seem to think my little place is unique. The customers are so cute and they are praising everything from the plants, decor, coffee, food, and me (!). To hear things like “this is the most cozy café in Stockholm”, “you have incredibly good coffee”, “great music”, “I want to decorate my home like this”, etc, makes me crazy warm in the heart. I did not expect this much good feedback!

Do you have a lot of plants at home?
– Yes, I have a lot of plants at home, but the collections has clearly slimmed down since I started the café. When my boyfriend and I lived on 32 sqm, we had 32 plants. Now we live on 68 and have maybe around 20 plants. A little more normal, but every window still wells above with greenery (as it should be, I would say!).

What kind of people are visiting your café?
– I have an incredibly diverse customer base, which is fascinating to me. There is everything from the cool musician who likes to hang here because of the music, to plant lovers, conscious hipsters, middle-aged men, and the grandmother who loves jazz and plants. Green plants, nice decor, good music and a personal approach seems to appeal to most people.

Which plants are most popular?
– Patterns and elephant ear are two popular plants. Just like fashion, music and art, the plants also run in trends. I understand that people like these two as they are both beautiful and easy to take care of. Another thing people love is the coffee + cactus takeaway set that I have put together.

Will you extend your menu with more food?
– I’m working hard to expand the menu. I started with sandwiches and now I have both lunch sandwiches and salads. In the future I think there will be even more lunch options. But everything has its time. Right now I’m working on my own in the café and the logistics must work out so I’ll be able to handle everything myself. Sustainability and the environment are important issues for me, and therefore I offer completely vegetarian and organic food. I offer quality rather than quantity.

Do you have any favourite coffee shop in town, besides your own?
– In the past, I spend a lot of time at Gildas Rum at Nytorget. I think they have a cozy vintage atmosphere and also I loved that I could bring my dog Charlie there. Overall I think Stockholm has kind of a flat cafe range, but I love to discover and be inspired by cozy cafes when I am travelling.

Krukor och Kaffe is located at Valhallavägen 53 and are opened Mon – Fri 07:45 – 16:00 + Sat – Sun 11:00 – 16:00. You can find them on Instagram here!