Warung – Indonesian food with a Swedish touch

Sometime in June, I saw a post on Facebook from a newly opened restaurant that caught my attention “Saturday, 07/23, we are closed. The chef is in the woods picking berries”. It was the most charming note I had ever read, and it made me want to try the restaurant out.

The Indonesian restaurant with Swedish influences, Warung, is run by the couple Nizar Achmad and Anna Lindmark. He is a chef and she is an architect responsible for the design and decor. I swung by the restaurant to have a chat with Nizar and to get a closer look at what an Indonesian/Swedish restaurant may look (and taste) like!

Where does the name Warung come from?
– A warung is a Indonesian phenomenon, a kind of small, family-owned business – often a casual shop, a small restaurant or café. It´s an essential part of daily life in Indonesia.


The food that is served is Indonesian/Swedish fusion. How did you come up with that idea?
– The concept of Indonesian food made with ingredients from the Swedish nature has emerged as we worked on our business plan and during our search of the perfect space for our restaurant. Our intention has always been to open an Indonesian restaurant, since they aren’t that common in Stockholm.

How do you decide the menu?
– Ingredients depends on the season and the mood determines the menu. We change our lunch menu every other day.


How much of the ingredients do you pick yourselves in the woods?
–It varies, we mostly buy the main ingredients and then we pick stuff like berries, flowers, mushrooms and herbs after season. Our employees work according to “allemansrätten” and are all passionate about nature, so it is a great advantage for us.


marinated cod, raphanus, elderflower cream and potatoes

What is the most important thing with the food you serve?
– The most important is that we can make the food that we want to make, and that we can offer it to our guests. To cook dishes that are both beautiful and taste amazing.

Nizar Achmad

What are your plans for the future?
– We will shortly open for after-work, like dinner deals with stew and beer, before we start running real à la carte. When we are going to start with our after work and dinner servings is a little bit up to our baby, who is expected in late September!


Warung is located on Långholmsgatan 3, Hornstull. Right now they are open for lunch, but later this fall they are planning on opening up for dinner bookings aswell.