Din tystnad är så djupgrå, så kolsvart är ditt mörker.
Dit når inga stjärnor fram, hur jag än försökt.


Maya and Moon factory





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Last week I met up with the fantastic girl Maya whom I have met through instagram (@mayanoue). Isn’t that the best thing? Finding friends through internet, already knowing you have som certain things in common? Many big thumbs up for that! She took me to an area called Sengenjaja and also to the most adorable little restaurant there. Unfortunately I didn’t take any photos there, except for the one on Maya and the magazine she’s an editor for. We talked about the magazine, the insane working hours in Japan, what to do- and not to do when coming to Japan and also about the time when she went to Stockholm.

After we had finished our meal, and before she had to get back to work at 11 at night (!!!!), she took med for a coffee and lovely chocolate cake at a cafe called Moon Factory Coffee. It is probably one of the most beautiful cafes I have every seen, even though the pictures aren’t really justifying it.

Now I am ending this week of assignements and deadline, instead sleeping to get up and go to the five lakes around Mount Fuji tomorrow for a little weekend trip!

Habel Betiyo







Some time ago I intervied this man, Habel Betiyo, the head behind the Betiyo-bags.

We met at a camp when I was 14 for the first time, and now many years later our ways crossed in Stockholm. Today the 24-year old Habel has both finished his bachelor in architecture and created the brand Betiyo. A brand where Habel creates minimalistic and beautiful leather bags. To me, the story behind the brand Betiyo is beyond ordinary! You can read all of it here at Radars start page.