Habel Betiyo







Some time ago I intervied this man, Habel Betiyo, the head behind the Betiyo-bags.

We met at a camp when I was 14 for the first time, and now many years later our ways crossed in Stockholm. Today the 24-year old Habel has both finished his bachelor in architecture and created the brand Betiyo. A brand where Habel creates minimalistic and beautiful leather bags. To me, the story behind the brand Betiyo is beyond ordinary! You can read all of it here at Radars start page.


  1. Alma

    Hej Hanna! Vad magiskt det ser ut i Tokyo. Var där själv i våras och planerar att åka dit två månader i slutet av nästa vår. Hur stor budget har du och hur länge stannar du i tokyo på den budgeten? Kram Alma

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