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Jag är ju då alltså med och hjälper till med första numret av tidningen Socker! Ni är hjärligt välkomna att skicka in alla typer av bidrag till första numret av Socker, här nedan kan ni läsa mer om detta. Allting mellan himmel och gjord, minsta lilla söndagstolkning och precis vilken konstform som helst är tillåten! Skicka in bara!

Hi! So the first theme of SOCKER MAG is SUNDAY.

I don’t know about you, if you totally hate Sundays or maybe if you’re like me, always looking forward for a new week
with new challenges, feelings and adventures. One step closer to the summer!!

Maybe you always end up in that smelly night club, and then waking up with kebab sauce in your hair, or do you wake up early to catch the flower market?

Some people take the time for themselves, to clean the house, cook some Sunday Roast, while for others it’s just that day of catching up with friends in the skate park or maybe stay in bed all day long.

We want to see what your feelings are for Sundays, through illustrations, photos, words, whatever really.

– ALL submissions are welcome and reviewed to come up with the best selection for each issue! –


xoxo Maria Pizzeria and the SOCKER team



  1. Anna

    sv; Tack så mycket! :D Vad glad jag blir! fin blogg du har!

  2. beata

    men åh, tack detsamma du!

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