NYC // DAY 11

För er som hellre läser på svenska.

1 Nicolas

Waking up after the previous night of barhopping in Bushwick is tougher than I could’ve ever imagined. On top of it it’s the day of our departure back to London. We quickly throw all our stuff in the suitcases and thereafter go out on a hunt for brunch.

After being turned down at several packed restaurants we find this little place.

2 Bloody Mary

First thing we do is order some drinks, believe it or not. A bloody mary to rescue me from this state of mind.

3 Nicolas

5 brunch

I end up ordering something that looks like sick but tastes pretty damn good. And so we sip on our coffees, eat our eggs and talk about the trip. Too soon the last hours in NYC are up and we have to head to the airport.

It feels awful leaving Nicolas behind, having shared flats and lives for over two weeks. Seeing these brothers together is just magical and therefore seeing them having to say goodbye to each other is absolutely heart breaking. They cry and I cry and suddenly the most amazing north american holiday is finished.

Before boarding the plane Daniel says I just have to live in the same city as Nicolas again and I couldn’t agree more.



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Photo on 28-10-2013 at 21.29

The weeks at my uni LCC are crazy intense. Just got feedback on our first completed brief for an ad agency who mainly do radio, and out of 130people, MY GROUP WON! So now I am officially an intern there with the task of producing five radio ads a week, all by myself.

It’s insane and terrifying and so much fun. So yeah, that’s me bragging basically.




NYC // DAY 10

För er som hellre läser på svenska.

1. Little Skips

Last day in NYC, and it feels too sad, so we decide to go on a real excursion! We start off by heading down to the packed café down the street: Little Skips, for some ice coffee and raspberry crumble for breakfast.

2. Bushwick

We then head to Myrtle Ave station and take the subway for an endless amount of stops.

3. Coney island

Until we finally end up here! At Coney Island.

22 nico

It’s an area in the south parts of Brooklyn crammed with depressing, dodgy estates by the seaside. In the midst of all this there is an amusement park from the early 1920’s, filled with hand painted signs and roller coasters from a lost time. A visual explosion.

25 nathans

Like Nathan’s hotdog stand from 1916.

4 Hot Dog

Official countdown.

6 dani

We go out on the boardwalk.


More insanely creepy and beautiful signs from another time. Like the beach shop. <3

10 nico


9 drakar




We then go to the main attraction; the Cyclone. The oldest roller coaster, completely in wood and pretty much untouched since 1927.

21 cyclone

And it is still running!

18 dan


17 bros

The whole experience is wicked, and extremely creepy. I already find that amusement parks in general have a bit of a spooky feel to them, but this one being so old and run down combined with the poverty that infested the area make me so uncomfortable.

19 daniel



Krane back pack and hipster boy bum.

23 cyclone

Then we say bye to the Cyclone.


More hotdogs and american flags.

24 weird women

Circus attractions.

26 candy apples
29 clam

By lunchtime we go here.

28 dan
27 nico

For some classic american street food.

31 nico

And then back on to the boardwalk.

30 castle

Passing an old fort where a clown is sitting, playing music and being filmed. So spooky. By this point we are all pretty freaked out and decide to head back to Bushwick.

33 king noodle

32 king noodle

Having rested back at Nicolas’ crib for a few hours we go to King Noodle where we are having a Saturday night dinner date.


It’s an asian restaurant packed with neon signs, luminous paintings and disco lights, but with a darker twist to it. A feeling of something like Only God Forgives and all to a soundtrack of THE BEST r’n’b tracks. This one and this one killed me.

34 nico

We ordere some pitchers while waiting for the rest of the party.


And finally they turn up! Claire and Dennis, the wicked couple we had dinner with the previous week. We order tons of different dishes to share.


But start up with this baby.

36 kind noodle

After which pretty much all goes down hill, in the best kind of ways. The food is just outrageous and too good. They describe it themselves as stoner food as it’s all insanely unhealthy and heavenly.

The one dish who just beats all of the rest has to be the Kimchee Carbonara which is a carbonara with bacon AND NACHOS! OH. MY. GOD. America has won my love.


After the dinner of my dreams I head out with this hilarious group of people and we decide to devote a whole night to exploring Bushwick, which turns out to be the best decision of the trip I’d say.

We walk down deserted streets in the late summer heat, drunk on gin and life. Not a person in sight and then you turn a corner and from out of nowhere a packed bar appears.

37 bushwick

I am having too much fun to recall the names of the places but we rummage through six bars that night, stealing glasses we like, dancing with strangers in smokey rooms, flicking through old juke boxes filled with punk and porn and buying 1liter bottles of beer.

It’s so much fun and I never want to go home, I never want the last night in NYC to come to an end, I never want to go back to London and start uni and life and all that comes with it. I just want to be drunk in a tiny bar in Bushwick forever.

At five Nicolas and Daniel are so exhausted their legs won’t carry them anymore and we decide to go home (after I tell them how much they suck and that I want to go dancing). We buy the delicious grilled cheese sandwiches from the bodega and pass out in bed with all our clothes on.

This night, this city & these brothers. <3



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