3 Millenium Bridge

A grey Saturday when Daniel’s parents were here we went down to my favourite tourist locations in London. St Paul and the most amazing Millennium Bridge from the Half-Blood Prince.

1 Tate

We were on our way here, to the modern art museum Tate Modern. I wish I could live in this remade factory filled with breathtaking art.

5 Birch

2 Birch

There you can also pretend you’re in Sweden for a while.

4 daniel tateb


9 tate

These pieces by Giuseppe Penone where insane. He had used rough beams and following the core branches and lines he carved out what the tree actually looked like at one point. <3

10 tate

13 tate

Lovely everyday photos from the 50’s.

11 tate

Lorna Simpson.

19 America tate

Gonna buy this one for our flat! America & black & neon!

12 taTE

Jannis Kounellis.

14 tate

And then the wicked propaganda street posters of the Russian and Soviet revolution.

15 tate

And this feminist poster! Can’t remember what it says apart from something powerful, does anybody speak russian?

16 tate

The graphic design. <3

20 Borough market

After a couple of hours we headed down to Borough Market.

6 Borough market

An ancient food market in grand filled with organic goods and delicious food.

7 Borough market daniel


8 Borough market

We bought coffee in paper cups, eating pulled pork sandwiches and organic smoothies. At that point my fever was sky-high and as we had great plans for the night, we took the double decker back east where I passed out instantly.





1 ballonger

Last night our usually cold house was steaming hot from all my friends crammed together to celebrate my birthday. 35 of my finest people getting drunk in our living room, sitting on the kitchen counter, fighting about what music should be played and drinking champagne in our fairy lit patio. Our already worn down floors got even dirtier and it was all over too quickly.

Today Daniel and I haven’t left bed all day, apart from when the Chinese take out was delivered. Among chopsticks, cupcakes and coke cans we lie, focusing on breathing as the daylight moves across the houses and fade to a still night.






1 Vinrankor Cambridge
2 Vinrankor Cambridge

When Daniel’s parents were visiting they bought us all a trip to Cambridge. Early in the morning we arrived in the old student town, and the whole world was burgundy.

25 Cambrdige

We checked out the posh student halls, for princes and other little snooty englishmen in tweed walking around the green grounds. Where obviously you weren’t allowed to cross the grass.

Let’s just say I’m happy that I’m studying at an eccentric art school instead of this dominantly patriarchal and fascist structure.

3 Daniel Cambridge

Pretty bricks, pretty boy.

9 Cambridge

After some lunch at a classic english cafe we went down to the canal.

12 Cambridge

To check out the punting! Tourists struggling to get anywhere with the boats.

15 Cambridge

Back in town walking walking walking around small alleyways looking for coffee. This one felt like travelling back to a time of knights and guillotines.

5 Daniel Cambridge


4 Cambridge

10 Window

Open window in October. <3 I’m thinking  somebody writing a book up there, making pancakes and listening to old vinyls.

6 daniel cambridge


7 cambridge

The sun started setting.

14 sunset cambridge
13 candy shop

We walked past this wicked little candy shop! Straight from a Harry Potter film.



23 cambdrige candy

Too bad English sweets taste of plastic.

16 castle cambridge

Also walked past where the princes and tweed academics lock up their trophy wives and call them princesses.

22 cambridge

I messaged my friend Josefin who I visited last year for some restaurants suggestions.

24 the eagle

She told us to go to the oldest pub in Cambridge: the Eagle, est 1667!

21 the eagle

23 the eagle

It smelt of old beer from the carpet and even at six on a Wednesday the pub was packed. But as things as the DNA was invented in there, it’s kind of justified.

11 the eagle food

We got some classic sunday roast to finish off such a core english day and it was heaven. I got the duck and MMMM.

20 Liverpool Street

And suddenly it was time to head back to a pitch black London.

14 Smallest alley Liverpool St

To continue in the essence of Cambridge we took all the tiniest streets back home.

19 Liverpool street

So lovely to get out of London and be able to breath sometimes.