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As London was greyer than ever we didn’t get further than to the small coffee shop by Colombia Rd that Sunday. But you see, that’s the beauty with this ashy coloured town, it’s so vibrant that colours are made excessive.

The rest of the day was spent in sweatpants, listening to new vinyls and eating Chinese takeout. Just me and Daniel, and nobody else needed.




I thought it was about time to show what my birthday party was like.

6 Linn

I was well excited and dizzy from blowing up balloons to cover the whole floor in our house when people modestly started arriving at eleven.

3 swedes

There was bunting and swedish people decorating the flat.

15 fest

And then 30 of my finest people showed up with sick(!) gifts and baby shower balloons. There was whiskey in mason jars, people snogging under fairy lights and others dancing to bouncy electronic pop.

2 Lovisa

This beauty brought me one of these.

12 frida

And this one. <3

1 Birthday Cake

When most people had arrived, Daniel came out with my birthday cake and everybody sung for me. Twice.

11 Linn cake

So happy.


Those allergic to cake had yoghurt and strong liquor.

8 Patio

The patio was lit up and filled with people.

6 jordan loren

There were people in love.

4 jesper

And other hipsters like Jesper!

17 emma


9 Patioa

15 patio

As London refused to turn into a cold winter it was ten degrees at midnight and as the alcohol burnt in our veins nobody complained.

12 emma

New friends met old friends and even though we have four floors to our house they were all crammed up in the corners of the bottom floor.

10 Ornella

My french babe Ornella.

16 ornie

As the hours fled from us we drank champagne in martini glasses on the kitchen counters, queued up on my bedroom floor, ran into old one night stands and danced. Strangers from outside joined and friends of friends brought me liquor and sweets.

13 emma

And then we danced a lot more.

7 Linn

And as the sun seemed to close in on us I kicked everybody out so that me and Daniel could pass out in our bed, surrounded by a birthday mess.




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Apart from drinking kenyan coffee among colobus monkeys, we have dinners in candle lit caves, snorkel by reefs and eat crabs. Having your family living so far away is awful, but celebrating christmas like this is a luxury.

Merry christmas!




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This is me pre partying to hip hop by myself in front of the webcam on a Friday night. Went on a internet girl date with THIS WICKED HILARIOUS FEMINIST LADY, and I might be in love. We did tons of hipster things, obviously, and she is funny as hell.