Friday in Hamburg with my girl crush Frida and my love Daniel. Some days are just so light and fucking great. We drink German beers, eat 70cent cinnamon buns and try to imitate Ciara’s amazeballs video Ride.



Today me and Daniel are off to Hamburg to let Frida rock our world. And this is one of the songs I’m going to play on repeat in the German sunshine. It’s wicked isn’t it?




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I have a new powdery pink criss cross top from & Other Stories.

I’ve been skipping school all week, staying in bed with Daniel instead. As you’ve all probably noticed by now, I’m going through a bit of a crisis and I’m trying to figure out what I want and what I like etc.

I’ve always been a good girl (fucking hate that word and its meaning) with straight A’s, never missed class or a hand in, spoken my opinion but never stepped on anybody’s toes and always wanted to please everybody bla bla bla. Just miserable. But me ignoring projects and not going to lessons, telling sexist teachers to shut up and maybe even dropping out is new and I like it even though it’s terrifying. I love making a mess, not being so square perfect and fucking focusing on myself for once. But it’s the bit where nothing is fun or exciting and I’m a constant state of apathy but at the same time I feel too creative and motivated and not stimulated at all.

But yeah, it’s all so confusing as I don’t know what happens now.




3 fabrique

It was the first day of spring with bird chirping and shit, and I felt that occasion just required some extra Swedish goodness. So we texted Veronique and met up at Fabrique in the Hoxton arches.

2 daniel fabrique

Handsome Daniel.

4 veronique fabrique

And wicked V. While eating pastries and drinking drip coffee we discuss motorcycles, buying flats and being to young to grow up but to old to be reckless. All too hilarious.

5 columbia rd

As she was heading to some asian extreme sport workout me and Daniel walked down to Columbia Rd.

7 columbia rd

It was as packed as always with even more flowers for sale.

6 columbia rd

And extra easter. We bought an Ivy plant which now climbs down our ladder.

8 trumans dream house

I said bye to Daniel and walked passed a house I’ve recently fallen in love with. Think me and Daniel should move in there some day.

9 dream house hackney rd

But then I just had to walk by my absolute dream house. <3 They even have a rooftop garden.

10 regents canal

With Cher and Janis Joplin in my headphones I went down to Regent Canal.

12 kajsa

Where this total babe was waiting for me.

14 kajsa

We cracked open the cans I’d brought with me, taking off our coats as the sun grilled us. Past us walked boys with dogs and hipsters with bouquets, rockers from the 70s smoking cigarettes and almost a million cyclists.

16 cherry blossom

With the summer visiting in February we decided to make great plans for the future. Garden parties, festivals, late night to early morning after parties, bbq in the parks etc. We also talked about young men, twins, crushes, universities, not wanting to live in Sweden, having each others backs and never wanting to grow old.

15 kajsa

When the house boats arrived Kajsa helped them through the floodgates. I HAVE SUCH A GIRL CRUSH ON THIS LADY. She is super cool.

18 cherry blossom

Too late I had to rush home through the cherry blossom to speed study for an hour while Daniel made us grilled cheese sandwiches. Then Daniel and I took off to Camden!


To see Eagulls at the NME Awards. There were so many british teenage punks and girls in the mosh pits. The music obsession in the UK is magical.

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Oh my days, Eagulls were sick! Listen. We have the Opaque single spinning non stop on the vinyl player at home.


Next up were Parquet Courts, who were pretty great too. But after the longest set in history (which still hadn’t ended an hour and a half later), we ditched the gig and took the tube back home. It was midnight and we stayed up making another grilled cheese sandwich whilst the rest of the house were sound asleep.

And people say they hate sundays.