1 garden
2 seb
3 seb seb

Sunday and it’s hot and sticky. We finally find somebody to take over one of the rooms in our house. Somebody not just decent but wicked. A couple straight from Brooklyn who knows tech and shit, and we are in love with them already. I stay in snapchatting/trying to write my zine for a couple of hours before walking up to Seb’s garden with a few friends.

We buy sandwiches from some fancy cafe in De Beauvoir town and manage to catch the last minutes of sunlight while the Arsenal match is on in the background. Apparently Christina was in a dance class with Drake back in Toronto when they were 7. He wore a shiny purple leotard and she did not want to hold his hands.

The night was spent up in Shoredtich House, pretending we are rich and successful while eating salmon and mac’n’cheese. Just like celebs, or at least wannabes.





1 broadway market

A couple of weeks ago Daniel’s friends from Toronto came to visit us. It was the craziest weather ever. 20 freaking degrees and blasting sun!

4 daniel saboune

After having walked around Hackney we obviously took them down to Broadway Market to buy juices and duck skin burgers. Saboune and Stenberg came to join us after having went to view their new mega mansion.

3 daniel aabid

Daniel and Aabid.

4 kajsa

Kajsa my love came along too.

2 daniel

Drenched in rays we buy mini pancakes with sprinkles while catching up on everything.

6 seb platform cafe

Full we head up towards Netil House and the hidden Platform Café! My favourite cafe in London I think.

7 saboune


8 netil house

After coffees and gin and tonics the sun is disappearing and we are ready to head to Soho!

9 la bodega negra

To the Mexican restaurant La Bodega Negra which is a converted strip club in Soho. No sign that it is a restaurant as they’ve kept the decor !! Unfortunately it was fully booked.

10 china town

So we went to China Town and the shitty and cheap and wonderful HK Diner. There were greasy noodles, alcoholic slushies and bouncy gameboy music. Aabid and Christina turned out to be one of the most hilarious couples I’ve met. THE LOVE OF SARCASM. I died and decided moving to Canada is probably not a bad idea after all.

12 kareoke

Then it was karaoke time! Taylor Swift, Nelly Furtado, Joy Division, Katy Perry and all the other guilty pleasures. And there was a DRINK BUTTON and a PIZZA BUTTON. You just pressed it and the drinks/pizzas arrived. <3 We made sure to press it all the time.

11 kareoke

And we finished off with Don’t Speak with No Doubt, because that has to be the best song ever made.





Kajsa Jonah2

I get home from work on a Wednesday and receive a million texts from my babe Kajsa saying she has got us free tickets to her new boyfriend’s gig. I get dressed and heat up ramen noodles in a jar that I bring with me to eat on the street. THE LOW LIFE.

We drink ales among an ocean of band boys, telling secrets in Swedish so nobody will understand. Then she just has to make out with her new boy as they’ve just fallen for one another. <3


I buy a potato? Not really. Daniel got even luckier though.


We go down to the basement and get free stamps to watch Jonah and his band LSA play as well as Spring King with the fucking coolest chick ever. Still tragic that seeing a girl in a rock/punk band feels exotic. Kajsa dances next to me as the base creates circles in the pint glasses upstairs. If bombs drop over us, I hope I get to stay hidden in a dirty basement bar with blasting guitar music and this girl.




1 room

Sunday and we wake up from the heat. It feels absolutely surreal but the only solution is to open the windows. The noise of the city pulse drowns the room with the warm wisps of wind. We fry bacon and eggs downstairs and bring it up to the terrace. London is vibrating with heat and hope.

In shorts and sunnies me and Daniel walk down to Shoreditch to buy take out coffees and check out the new Seek No Further shop on Redchurch Street. Even the usual black clad hipsters are in miniskirts and sandals.

1 hevin

After skyping with Daniels twinbro I jump up on my bike and cycle down to a crammed Victoria park to find a whole big bunch of Swedes in the grass. Among them Hevin in a new hair dye.

2 girls

With several blankets patched together we form a big hippie island were youngsters smoke, make out, eat grapes and doze off in the sunshine. No jumpers to be seen and it’s the 1st week of March.

4 emma

There are plans about studies and dropping out alike, and we discuss bar jobs and sleezy old men. As the sun is fighting to stay up I say my goodbyes to head for a dream date.

5 canal

Down the canal, loving life, and whatever cheesiness you can come up with.

6 kajsa

To see my dream girl Kajsa. <3 We have a spot now which is ours only and where the sun stays up the longest. There we eat popcorn and drink cans of lager even though I should study. She is just to lovely and I’m having too much fun. AND THE STORIES. I want to write a book about her.

7 canal

Of course we bump into some boys we know, as you do when hanging out in Hackney. They join us with malibu and there is talk about bands and Berlin, festivals and girlfriends, getting laid and being young.

Suddenly the day, the heat and the summer has vanished and with the darkness my study anxiety caves in on me and my bare legs. But JESUS, the summer with its hope and promises is here. I feel it in my chest and my love for this goddamn town and life itself is being retrieved. Finally.