1 hackney

Lucky for me I was off on the Friday when Axel was here. He came with me to the tiniest little hairdressers on Hackney Rd where a cut costs £10 and the hairdressers speak the thickest Cockney accent and the customers are artsy or drunk or family. It is real and understated and I love it.

2 axel

London was sweltering hot as I walked with this babe to his old flat by Roman Rd to redo a version of this magical day back in 2011.

3 axel

It was still the best flat in the best house in town. We even knocked on the door but as the prices have rocketed I doubt there are still poor, unemployed youths living there now.

4 victoria park

Instead we walked down to Victoria Park which is vibrant and hot and gorgeous. We bought focaccias from a bakery and had a picnic. A man plays filmic music on his guitar and every story we tell gets super dramatic with a soundtrack.

Huge lumps of time have passed since we became friends. We shared a house, took people’s virginities, dealt with a friend’s alcoholism, moved countries, broke the law together, fell out and didn’t speak, and made up again. He is damn fine that young man, and these hours on a blanket in an east london park made my heart ache of missing having him in my life.


Five hours and a trip to Universal Music Group in Earl’s Court we meet up with this gentleman in Soho.

6 daniel axel

Time for pints!

6 axel

So happy that we are such good friends once again.

5 daniel


8 daniel mcdonalds

All of a sudden we have to rush to a fancy restaurant aka takeout mcdonald’s on the tube. Keep it classy, you know.

9 brixton academy

We were in fact in a rush to Brixton Academy. I’ve made a new best friend and his name is Niclas and he works at Universal Music and gives me free tickets to gigs. This night we were lucky enough to get to go and see Lorde!


And boy, I was well impressed. One of the most intelligent (and crazy young) artist we have nowadays. She danced like a dragon and spoke truly to her audience about her life and fame and that all girls should just have each others back and pursue their dreams. And it makes me so ecstatic to have girls and women like her doing what they want, and not giving a fuck. I’m 22 and I sat there, feeling inspired, like things are possible. Super aware, and oh damn she sure can sing! The show gave me shivers.

This and this track are on repeat at my house now.

10 kajsa royal oak
11 the royal oak

Late that night Daniel and I went back east to have more pints with Axel, Kajsa and Mikey. The warm summer winds swept through the pub windows, only cooling off our sizzling skin. There were only bare legs and the leather jackets were thrown on our chairs. When the pub shut, the darkness of the night swallowed us as we walked back home.




We all have to reflect on the way we behave and speak, because never should being a girl be an insult. Because, we are awesome.




1 canal

After nannying my two dare devil kids whom I adore I swung by the canal once again.


3 axel

Because this little fella was in town! You who’ve followed me since 2011 probably recognise Axel as we lived together for a year up in Clapton.

2 kajsa

He was in town for the weekend so Kajsa and Thedi cooked us dinner whilst I showed them my newest musical obsession: John Wizards.

4 kajsa

Outside there was red wine and swan fights, violet skies and bright eyes. Tons of catching up and gossip to do.

5 axel kajsa

But mostly hugging.

6 axel

We discussed old lives and lost friends and like every other youth on this planet we swore to stay best buddies always. We also discussed how much Kajsa looks like Piper (Taylor Schilling) from Orange Is the New Black.


I mean look at her! This chick is killing me. <3

7 kajsa

Then it was time to take the party elsewhere.

9 axel

To the Fox on Kingsland Rd for too expensive ales.

8 kajsa

Daniel showed up slightly drunk on his skateboard after having fallen twice.

9 london

As the bar closed a few hours later we walked back home in total darkness, but a friendly one you know. Because all around the damn summer smelled like hope.





1 roses

On a day when London was exploding with rose bushes we strolled down towards Shoreditch and  Hoxton Market.

2 dads

Dad’s <3

3 daniel

In quirky shops and luxurious boutiques we scavenged for the last piece of a present for one of our favourite boys.


It was all open windows playing music everywhere. Exactly what I miss the most in the midst of the heavy winter.

5 daniel

I have no clue what it is he does but he makes me twist in laughter all the freaking time when we hang out, today no different.

6 london

With wrapped gifts in our hands we headed up to London Fields.

11 daniel daniel

To have ice coffees in the sun with Stenberg.

7 boys

And the birthday boy Sabouné.

8 london fields

With drinks in our hands we joined Olivia and Jared with their friends in the park.

9 london fields

Some played American football and others read Tintin.

7 saboune

And then Saboune got to open his presents (filled with glittery kitty stickers as boys need even more of them). Lots of Aesop products, a bottle opener from my favourite boutique Labour & Wait and the book What I Talk About When I Talk About Running by Haruki Murakami as Seb runs goddamn marathons!

1o daniel jared

In the evening we hung out in Jared and Olivia’s empty flat in Hackney Downs, drinking Coronas before having Turkish food at a restaurant in Dalston.


That night we went to a Greek punk night at the Victoria on Queensbridge Road. As one does? It was so surreal and the people you see in the photo were literally the only ones there apart from us. The best thing was when the guy to the left climbed up on the wall and then tried to spit and scare the crowd which resulted in him falling down. So awkward, so good.

I felt that the night had climaxed then and there so I left Daniel and Jared behind before the last two bands played and instead had ice cream in bed while watching True Blood (and I know I’m like 5 years behind but oh lord it’s good).