1 ornella

My absolute darling Ornella and I met up in Newington Green, filled with lattes and little boutiques for the yuppies gone parents occupying the post deprived area. We were going to a baby birthday party!

2 daria

This is the hot mummy Daria who we study with. Ornella and I were slightly awkward as we were the only people without kids, but we ate cake and drank beer.

As a gift litte Franz got two mini Nike Air Max sneakers, both which he found utterly boring and asked where the other toys were. We also gave him a birthday card with a big 4 and a monkey on it, he loved that, even though his mum reminded us that he was actually turning 3. God, will I ever grow up/become an adult/stop making embarrassing mistakes/not get drunk at a kids party?

3 la bodega negra

A few hours later I head down to Soho to meet up with my Daniel to go to this place and celebrate us having been a couple for 2 years.

And yes it’s a strip club, but a former one, now turned into a wicked Mexican restaurant called La Bodega Negra. And you guys know how I am weak for secret places, weird layouts and neon signs, so this was heaven.

4 la bodega negra daniel

So was my date.

5 la bodega negra

And the cocktails and the tacos. Freaky with soft shell crab though: one just swallows the legs and all! But please, EVERYBODY GO HERE. This is my recommendation of 2014.

9 the blind pig

We asked the girl waiting our table for a good old bar and she directed us through the maze that is Soho to a secret cocktail bar called the Blind Pig. No sign, just this little chap on a heavy wooden door.

8 daniel at the blind pig

And oh boy was it good! A long copper bar with warehouse windows and oak furniture, playing old school funk and country. Check it our here. Once again I was in the dreamy South in the states distant from reality and a little bit drunk. We chatted and argued and laughed, as one should.

6 the blind pig

I had this divine little whiskey devil before getting the most horrid drink I’ve ever had. It came in a stupid juice box! The waitress kindly explained that that’s their thing, fancy drinks in cheap containers but could assure me that it still contained alcohol(?).

All around I noticed people drinking out of McDonald’s cups and airplane boxes wearing expensive shoes and it made me furious. Stupid wealthy community paying £10 for a drink but still want to play poor for a while. It’s not funny, and it’s never cool to mock those in lower social classes than you.

Rant over.

9 slim jims

As I was annoyed and grumpy Daniel wanted to cheer me up and took me to the old school rock bar I’ve been dying to go to for ages – Slim Jims Liquor Store in Angel. It’s just as dirty and great as one can imagine with the sickest rockers as bartender and the perhaps finest music on this planet. Led Zeppelin, Wanda Jackson, Gun, Iggy Pop, Pink Floyd etc etc <3

Drinking pints and listening to that music definitely got me in a great mood and is so so far away from the pretentious but good electronic/hip hop scene in all the other clubs. Apparently the bandana is still going strong in the rock fashion scene.

11 slim jims

“Never forget your girls!! Men are 4 Christmas, girls are 4 life.”

And tons of wicked rock chick all around, that I couldn’t help but fall in love with. I made friends with a Jackie in the bathroom, who told me she’s a stripper now because there aren’t enough black rock strippers apparently. So she tours around, makes tons of money and has her own show at the biggest theatres now.

Filled with 80s rock and American beers me and Daniel bought crisps and then fell asleep on the night bus going back home.







Ok, so things are happening too quick and I happen to be in Amsterdam with Daniel who has shaved his head. I need to get my mind off stuff so we are drinking whiskey by the canals and eating oysters at fancy restaurants. Tonight we are visiting Sebastiaan’s family home on the country side.

I’ll be back Monday!



3 daniel

The summer is here and I don’t even have to remember bringing a cardigan to work or in the evenings. Sweltering isn’t really the word but more that exact temperature where it is absolutely nonexistent. Not one single thought is given to the weather so instead we have a lot more time to plan our summer months. Cornwall, Manchester, LA, Amsterdam, Budapest?


1 daniel terrace

All breakfasts are eaten on our terrace with blasting music from downstairs and the sound of giggling from the neighbour kids.

6 broadway market

One of these days happens to be a bank holiday and London is weirdly quiet and lively at the same time. People being confused whether to treat it like a Saturday or not as they stumble out on the streets, some daring to get drunk in the park whilst others detest the tumult that disturbs the ordinary stillness.

4 daniel

Daniel and I walk down to Shoreditch which is so gentrified and barely recognisable from when I first moved here in 2011. Today I can’t afford a single piece of clothing from any of the stores there and too many yuppies, bankers and tourist take up the seats where you used to be able to buy a pint for under £3. Not that I was ever able to afford anything. I do like seeing the city evolving though. With tons of little boutiques and cafes, I just wish the prices wouldn’t rise with them.

We talk about how we will have to move soon, it’s too expensive. South London is definitely tempting.

5 daniel

God, he takes my breath away. Feeling a little better we head back home.

8 bbq

Where our flatmates are having hell of a bbq, playing Ghanian and Nigerian music mixed with Jamaican. <3

7 bloody mary

I’ve come across a new obsession of mine, and it’s a savoury little drink called bloody mary. So I figured it’s about time I learn how to be self efficient in this department as well, and voila! Tomato juice, tabasco, lime, paprika, salt, celery and vodka!

9 bbq

The shade crept over our house as the sun set, us eating pasta sallad and hanging out. I have the best flatmates in the world.


Forwarding a couple of hours and we are nine people by a candlelit table by Regents Canal. It’s a gay cowboy (as he puts it) and boys awkwardly asking girls to be there girlfriends, another who recently had a heart attach and can’t drink and somebody else having drunk way too much.


It’s not even cold but dark as the hearts of bouncers. The newly found lovers make out and pretend to be tired so they can go have sex whilst the rest of us take the double decker to some bar that sucks. Me and Wilma tell secrets in the bathroom and I can just think how much I have missed having girlfriends like these. London stinks of spillt beer and filth and that must be what dreams are made of or something, because it just feels so good.







The day (or more like a few hours) after being at that weird house party Daniel dragged me away to Arsenal and the Emirates stadium. We had tickets to watch the FA Cup final on a tv screen at a full stadium, so weird? Unfortunately I just wanted to curl up and sleep on the seat but set out to cure my hangover with a bloody mary. Apparently that’s nowhere to be found at a football stadium.


Instead we ate hotdogs in the sun. Eight hours after arriving we had experienced a sick game! I am not even that into football but it was amazeballs and Arsenal conquered their first trophy in 9 years.


The fans went bananas and my bf and his mates cried, the kids in front of us cried and old men and moms rushed onto the pitch to kiss the grass and cry. I felt like 14 again when Green Street Hooligans was my favourite film, dreaming of one day becoming a terrifying hooligan. If Hyper Island doesn’t work out, maybe that’s what I’ll set out to do because the atmosphere is beyond exhilarating.