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I had a internet blind date with Beata yesterday and I absolutely adored her. I’m so grateful that I live in a time where of the Internet because these girls sure are something.

Check out her blog here if you’ve missed it.





My friend texted me that she had put me on the list for the polysexual dance arty-party extravaganza that is Sink the Pink in collaboration with the vodka brand Stoli. Drag queen pageants, glitter explosions and free cocktails all night cannot possibly go wrong. So I called my two pals up and they pretty much screamed out loud when I said they were on the list too.

1 nachos

We met up for nachos and beers and 80s pop first.

3 stoli

And at 10pm we walked down to the train track arches in Shoreditch where people had just started arriving.

5 stoli babes

The gorgeous pink cocktails were flowing and TLC, Cher, Janet Jackson, Madonna, Kylie Minogue and other 80s pop divas blasted from the speakers.

6 stoli vodka

All around people in the most obscure fashion pieces surrounded us. There were veils and 12in heels, bdsm kind of harnesses and hundreds of fake lashes and even more nudity. One person was dressed up as a lamp and another even had a uterus tattoo on his neck. And oh man if we danced.

4 miss sink the pink

In the middle of it all it was time for the beauty pageant. <3 I must say the favourite was still the hostess!

7 kajsa saboune

Hours of even more dancing followed. The air was thick with alcohol breaths and bodies heavy with summer perspiration. 29degrees outside and no windows and AC made the indoors unbearably hot and when our eyes started rolling from exhaustion we figured it was time to leave the party.

8 after party

A canadian beauty with her two princes picked us up and invited us (+ elsie and her brilliant sister who had just joined) to a party at their flat. We played awful music and danced half naked on the sofas, trying on each others clothes. Kajsa and I then drank 8pints(!) of water as I thought I was going to pass out.

At 2am we took a taxi to old street to a terrible club where people had sex against the walls. A boy bought me a lollipop before making out with another tall young man by the bar. The music was death electro and all of a sudden a wave of tiredness slapped me so me and Kajsa went back to hers and fell asleep in her bed, telling ghost stories until morning.




Continuing showing some snippets from my month visiting my family in kenya.

58 moa
56 moa saga

The motorcycle boys hang out by the cross roads and we wave them in. Salty hair whips the hot wind when we drive mile after mile along the roads. My little sister is 13 and she sits behind me on the motorcycle, tightly hugging my waist and squealing as we pick up speed. None of my friends would ever get to do this, this is so great, she says and I know she’ll be trouble. She isn’t really allowed riding on these but we do it anyways, and just like me she gets a kick out of trying everything forbidden, breaking rules and having her heart race up her throat. It hurts inside that I’m so vacant and distant and that she has to cry over skype about friends and boys and teenage trouble. The fact that I’m not there when she chooses to stop being a punk with ripped jeans and heaps of smudged eyeliner and instead buy pink juicy couture and pushup bras, just because it’s what girls are suppose to be wearing.

But I’m there now and I’m hoping that she’ll dare breaking away from dumb teenage rules the way she dares riding barefoot on a motorcycle in the kenyan dusk or the way she challenges the boys who’ll jump off the highest cliffs even though the girls are not suppose to play. But most I hope she knows that she can be both, because girls in push up bras can punch back pretty damn good too.




1 daniel at the talbot

Daniel took me out for a date night one friday.

2 whisky sours

Just me and him and hell of a lot of whiskeys on a terrace.

2 linn wiberg

We talked about where I should do my Hyper Island internships and if we should try and move to the states in the future. Live in Cali or NYC or one of the more rural midstates. Then I’d always wear flowy blouses like this one.

3 linn

It all seemed so exciting and he said he’d teach me how to ride a motorcycle and we’d go away on road trips and learn how to surf and camp out in the bush.

But then once more my heart fell apart from knowing that it’s less than a month until I leave him to live apart for too long. So I cried down in my whiskey sour and two middle aged men gave me a pity smile and said I could pet their poodle dogs if I wanted to.

5 voodoo ray

I did suck it up though, the crying that is and we decided to go for some pizza slices at Voodoo Ray. Love that place because the pizzas are brilliant and the music they play is just the best.

9 liquid aloha

We had the veggie pizzas with a flood of chilli oil and two cans of Brooklyn and Liquid Aloha. <3

6 linn voodoo ray

Miss cry baby.

10 ridley rd market bar

We continued to my new favourite bar called Ridley Road Market Bar where they play the best selection of eclectic music. 80s pop, dancy house, sleezy rnb and electronic pop. Plus that they serve £5 mojitos in pint glasses and a beer is just 2 quid.

11 jared

Jared and Olivia came to join us.

12 seb

And mr sebastiaan.

14 wilma kajsa

Plus my babes Wilma, Kajsa and Amel.

13 amel kajsa

We drank and fought strangers who tried to take out seats, then we danced and met old friends, tried to hook up with hot people and continued the night at separate venues.