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Daniel’s gone back to London now and we’re back to having a long distance relationship.

31 hours together and we got tipsy from day drinking and visited markets by the sea, I cried on already salty dumplings and we fell over in laughter in a Weekday fitting room. I kissed his eyelids seven thousand times and we fell asleep on top of each other, like a pile of desperate loneliness.

And finally, I felt like myself again. Fuck it sucks being apart, but I am more than mad about this man.





It’s been 27days. Almost four damn long weeks since I last saw him. That’s the longest we’ve ever been apart and it’s been hell. How can you call it “being together” if you have to be apart?

After tons of crying and skyping and longing Daniel now booked a ticket to me in Stockholm! And just now he landed at Skavsta airport. It’s for one night only because he can’t get time off work but oh, never have I valued a night as much as this one.

Finally together together. And we’re going to spend the whole time making out.


Justin 4evah-01-01
Justin T

There are so many skilled people at Hyper Island and we’ve decided to teach each other. Today Erik gave us all a lecture on pattern making in illustrator combined with photoshop and it was awesome! I made this tropical Justin Timberlake print and I’m kind of considering dropping out of school to become a pattern maker now as this turned absolutely brilliant. Right?

I would also love to have this as my wallpaper.



this isn’t real, this is not suppose to happen, don’t they get that I’m not actually leaving

3 jared
5 brunch

1 Olivia

The Friday before I moved Olivia and Jared had invited me over for brunch. Around midday I took my bike and cycled down a sunny Hackney to their new pad. Danielle’s brother Anthony was crashing there while looking for a flat. We all played rock music and saturated rnb, talking about bands and ice storms whilst Olivia cooked us divine celiac friendly brunch. It is so pleasantly convenient when a big bunch of friends happen to be unemployed at the same time.

They gave me going away presents and as I opened them and then hugged them bye for the last time I just kept on thinking that this isn’t real, this is not suppose to happen, don’t they get that I’m not actually leaving. Because that’s what it feels like, fucking leaving the place and the people you’re suppose to be with. So dumb. And then I cycled back home in bare legs and my sunglasses just to pretend and surpress my sadness for a few more days.