An early autumn bbq off Chatsworth rd last year


Now I’m flying off to a 19degrees autumn in london to dance nonstop at a new club in shadwell, cash a 1k tax return check, kiss Daniel eleven times every hour and stroll between brick houses with my best friends. Back on Monday if I don’t run away and stay there forever.



Perhaps this town isn’t that bad at all,

Following this day we decided to go out and give Stockholm’s shopping a proper shot, starting with Södermalm.

Daniel, Södermalm

In the backstreet maze we stumbled upon a garage sale.

Södermalm, Stockholm

Stockholm’s sunny architecture is stunning.

Söders Bästa Loppis, Stockholm

Perhaps not the best garage sale on Söder as the sign claimed but cute. We continued down to Nytorget and the lovely store that is Grandpa followed by Krukmakargatan with Nitty Gritty, Herr Judit, Our Legacy and as Daniel put it the best magazine shop in the world Paper Cut. A pretty good turn out after all.

Tobias, Södermalm

Exhausted we sat down in the sun and my mate Tobias from Hyper Island joined. We discussed his bands and solo project, record labels in general and our passion for documentaries.

Majsan & Daehyun, Stockholm

Majsan and her boyfriend Daehuyn joined us.

Daehyun & Majsan, Stockholm

And as the sun set they decided to take us on a tour of Stockholm.

Dumpling 58, Södermalm

To the best and cheapest dumpling/sushi spot in town. 58sek for hell of a lot food! IN SWEDEN! You foreigners don’t realise how big of a deal this is haha.

Dumpling 58, Stockholm

Best company ever and whilst eating all the weird things we ordered (like pear sushi?) we discussed insane stuff that happen at Hyper Island, running, Daehuyn’s hometown Seul and he told us about the Korean myth that if you cry and laugh at the same time hair will grow out of your bum! This is such a hilarious super couple you have no idea.

We pretty much paid no money at all for the delicious food and walked back home in a pitch black, deserted and chilly Stockholm. Perhaps this town isn’t that bad at all, it’s just about knowing the right people.



FKA Twigs – Video Girl

My girl crush on FKA twigs must be unhealthy. But she’s twisted my heart once more. (track starts at 02:00)

It’s unreal for somebody to be this talented of a dancer and a singer, plus look like a goddess.




Daniel & Seb
Seb, Tobias, Daniel & Linn Wiberg
Linn Wiberg & Frida Vega

Just had to repost these polaroids that Frida snapped when Seb and Daniel were here this weekend. It was like old times in London, drinking whiskey in my bed and eating dumplings at some unknown restaurant before getting slightly too tipsy on foreign beer. All with my boys.