I can’t remember the last time it was like this. At least five months ago, because that’s how many months we have lived split lives. But I’d say it was even longer ago, perhaps before you went on your motorcycle trip down in Cali.

Maybe it was that weekend when the summer sky was boiling hot and even more evil, whipping our house with its anger. The streetlights flickered and at the end of our road several rubbish bins fell and empty cans slammed the asphalt time after time. The rain flooded the windowpane and let the light dance in the projected streams across your skin. London lay quiet and we were probably short of money as usual or just in love because leaving the house was not an option.

I only wore pants once during those days. It was when we ran the 150m in the pouring rain to the tiny off license to buy tortellini, canned soup and ice cream. Back inside we were drenched down to our bone and didn’t hesitate to strip as no flatmates would be home for days. The wooden floor wasn’t even cold against my skin.

The rest of the time we spent in our bed discussing or streaming series whilst building mountains of empty wrappers and cans. Several times we had to turn up the volume when the thunder made our door shudder.

We must’ve watched something scary because I had to wake you up in the middle of the night so that you could check so that nobody had broken in. Afterwards we laughed at my being so scared of the dark and I fell back asleep on your chest. Downstairs our wet shoes didn’t dry for another four days. I don’t think that I for once those days remembered that there were other people in the world.

Now, perhaps seven months later we finally got to do nothing but stay in the house again. This time here in Stockholm. No friends to see, no city to explore, no money to spend. Just us. And I got to properly remember how that stormy weekend smelled, because it smelled like you.



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Christmas by Briska

I received an email from Briska Cider asking me if I would be up for coming to their Christmas dinner and cocktail night for bloggers. Eh, yes!

Screen Shot 2014-11-27 at 23.16.39

I had a +1 and figured I’d take this lady since she likes bloggers, Christmas and drinks.

Screen Shot 2014-11-27 at 17.55.54

It was a superb decision. So yesterday we arrived at Gamla Riksarkivet which is located on the former knights’ palaces. Nested in the dark alleyways we were served mulled apple wine by a gigantic christmas tree.

Screen Shot 2014-11-27 at 21.09.46

Later on we were shuffled through the grand hallways of the rustic Swedish buildings lined with Christmas trees and candied apples. Up a spiral staircase we were seated eight people around each table.

Screen Shot 2014-11-27 at 17.55.16

A stream of cider based cocktails in different glasses followed and then even more traditional Christmas food.

Screen Shot 2014-11-27 at 17.54.58

There was even a candy room!

Screen Shot 2014-11-27 at 18.06.31

*too much goodness*

Screen Shot 2014-11-27 at 18.21.48
Screen Shot 2014-11-27 at 18.00.37

Ended up sitting by the most awesome girls Julia, Karin, Angelina and Caroline eating eleven portions whilst chatting about cruel dentists and how blogging probably has the worst hourly pay and how it’s luckily it’s so damn fun.


Queens <3

Screen Shot 2014-11-27 at 21.33.18
Screen Shot 2014-11-27 at 18.41.03

Out of the four tables ours stayed the longest and I haven’t laughed that much at a formal event ever. MORE UNPRETENTIOUS PEOPLE LIKE THESE PLEASE! Back out on the streets the breaths froze to clouds in the air and it didn’t even make me slightly sad.

Julia, Karin, Frida

So now the winter isn’t feeling too rubbish actually.



10 Q

A few of you challenged me to the Sisterhood of the World Blogger Awards. Thanks to all you wicked women! I will answer Flora’s questions since she was the first to catch me. <3


1. Who is your biggest role model and why?

I don’t really have that one role model but take inspiration from lots of people, especially women, and they can be famous, fictional or people around me. What they all have in common though is an overflow of creativity, tons of courage and that they get shit done. Plus kindness, never forget to be kind.

2. What TV show would you like to be in and who would you be in that case (ie as a real person, not as an actor)?

I’d be Rachel in Friends because she is hilarious and super cool. I’d love to be living in NYC so close to best friends! Plus she constantly falls in love.

3. When are you most creative?

When I’m busy or alone, especially on Saturdays, early weekday mornings at home or that exact moment when I’m suppose to go to bed but end up staying up until 3am.

4. A favourite movie, a favourite book and a favourite song?

The Runaways, Just Kids by Patti Smith, Never Never – SBTRKT ft Sampha

5. What does your handwriting look like?


6. How do you think your life will be like in five years?

I’ll be 28years old, living in a lovely flat with Daniel in NYC or Toronto or London or Portland or somewhere that isn’t Sweden. It’ll have wooden floors, large windows, a huge open kitchen and a studio where we can work from, write on my book or create.

Otherwise I’m freelancing in digital production, writing on a novel or maybe I’m studying to become an architect? I’ll mostly be madly in love, busy and well travelled, surrounded by friends and a small grey dog. Probably just as confused and as young as now, dancing all night.

7. What blogs do you follow daily?

Vardagsbrus, Lovisa Ranta, Amanda Berglund, Niotillfem, My Mum Fucked Mick Jagger, Floras + embarrassingly many more.

Screen Shot 2014-11-23 at 22.41.17

8. Describe what feminism is for you in three words.

Awereness + Sisterhood + Fight

9. What song would be the soundtrack to the movie about your life?

Best of Friends with Palma Violet and then in the end I’ll die to Purple Rain with Prince and everybody will cry but be proud of me lol.

10. What is your biggest guilty pleasure?

I would say Taylor Swift but it’s progressed to a no shame thing. So I’m going to say child stars singing. OBSESSION. Like this, this and omg thisFinding these clips lead me into an hour and a half on youtube watching various kiddos.



and I challenge ohhboy, hjartesmil, lovisa ranta, annette pehrsson, emmylinnea, frida regeheimMy Mum Fucked Mick Jaggerfashiondity, nine in the afternoon, celine barwich, jacquie otag & femtonpixlar and all you other babes out there (if you don’t have a blog please comment underneath) to answer these:

1. What song do you want to be playing on your funeral?

2. What’s your biggest guilty pleasure?

3. Who’s your free card?

4. If you could have dinner with anybody in the whole world history, who would it be and why?

5. Which is one of your favourite youtube-clips?

6. Which blogs do you read daily?

7. What’s the weirdest place you’ve slept?

8. What do your favourite shoes look like?

9. Tell me about your best night.

10. What do you wish for when you find an eyelash/see a shooting star/the clock show 11:11?




Sunday in London

Breakfast in Clapton, London

Sunday morning and we are dizzy with headaches from the previous night. We sit down in Daniel’s enormous livingroom and despite the gloomy weather its drenched in light. That’s my main must in life, living in bright places.


With this one obviously.

Daniel, London

I try not to think about that I only have a few hours left in London, but it’s hard. I just want to sit here in the kitchen, listening to vinyls whilst watching Daniel do the dishes for the rest of eternity.

My whole life has turned into a big countdown, both wanted and feared. For the next flight, for the next call, for when I have to say bye and inevitably cry, for the next summer and when we can live together once again. And where the fuck will that be? Not belonging anywhere can be liberating but often it makes me feel more trapped.

Autumn London 2014

As I ask all of these tons of questions without finding any answer Daniel stops doing the dishes and smiles. He comes over and puts my hair behind my ear and helps me get my shit together. Perhaps it’ll be fine.

Autumn, Clapton 2014

We head out to meet up with Anthony. London is just as grey and damp as the rest of the world imagines.

Melting House, London

Together the three of us travel to all parts of London, and end up by Southwark to watch the artist Alex Chinneck’s melting wax house. It’s a house built completely in wax that gradually melts and has a lifespan of 30 days. One whole story had vanished already when we were there and now it’s completely gone.

Melting House London

I love contemporary and especially temporary art.

Anthony & Daniel, South London

We decided that it was well worth our trip down south.

Daniel, Borough Market

And in one of the back alleys of Borough Market we grab a pint to feel a little better. But the best thing of the whole day is when we get back home and watch six episodes of Les Revenants in bed and act like we still live together. At 4am I kiss him goodbye and head out in the rain to catch my flight back, my heart feeling heavier than the whole jumbojet.