It’s the thursday before Christmas and last day of this term. Outside the rain is turning icier for each second, making the pavements slippery. We’re full on various cheap Christmas food us student bought for our last money for the farewell feast.

I’ve been so damn tired this term, working perhaps 70hrs a week on various projects, learning insane things like coding and something as cheesy as who I really want to be (LOL). Never have I’ve wanted something to end so quickly and at the same time last forever. ANYWAYS.

Katja R

I took one of my favourite chicks Katja down to get her tipsy at our disgusting bar outside school. We are working on a few side projects together which is SO MUCH FUN. Her mind terrifies and spell bounds me all the time and I’ve never had so much fun with somebody so different. Watch out for us.

Tobias at tellus

More than half of our class are crammed around a table and with each pint we all get sticky and emotional. I feel all sentimental about leaving these guys that I’ve spent day and night with since august. I’m slightly grossed out but in a good way as I’ve never been into people sobbing about how much they love their class mates! But I’m now embracing all of it.


You can’t live at a gross bar as it’s not good for your self respect so we pick up some wine and head over to Jacob’s flat where everything is fancy. And look who I pick up on the way! My friend Saboune from London.



The following hours are spent emptying the wine and smoking in the windows overlooking a Thursday night in Stockholm.


I manage to create some sort of heated discussion that lasts all night as I ask everybody who they’d sleep with in the class if they had to pick somebody. It stirs up tons of interesting things as we are the most friend zoned/family class in history.


Me and Theo (the dreamy sweetheart above) play punk and hip hop, discuss other people’s love life and tell each others fortune in a deck of cards. When we remember that we haven’t had dinner we heat some lonely premade quiche and share like a true family. I’m slightly drunk and dive into heated discussions and Katja makes me bend over in laughter.

For the first time I feel like I’ve settled down a little here in Stockholm and that I do actually have a fucking lovely group of friends here and when it comes down to it what more can one ask for.



and I’ve bought a new camera and are still learning, but please let me know what you think!


merry christmas whatever

An instax by Frida from the Christmas dinner Briska invited us to. We said we’d sign it with Merry Christmas whatever like true teenagers with a shitty attitude and send it to the internet world on Christmas Eve. So here it is! I love all of you internet guys so very much it’s insane. Hope you are happy wherever you are and however you do or don’t celebrate.

Now Daniel’s family is taking me to church, and I’m not allowed to dressed provocative which makes me want to even more so this will be interesting.




Screen Shot 2014-12-22 at 18.14.36
Screen Shot 2014-12-22 at 18.15.42
Screen Shot 2014-12-22 at 18.43.08
Screen Shot 2014-12-22 at 18.16.28
Screen Shot 2014-12-22 at 18.15.24

Before the big Christmas lunch at school me and Katja went to her friends at Peow! Studio to riso print an illustration I’ve made. We hung out with the boys and flickered through the most gorgeous zines and looked at their funny xmas cards. If you need to print something or order home some prints check out Peow.

It was finally the last day of our term after three huge project hand ins. I had had my whole assessment for this term where we have a 45min presentation for people from the industry where we talk about our roles and what we’ve produced in every project. I thought I would die but I made it and got the nicest evaluation feedback I’ve ever received in my entire life! Now I have separation anxiety because my class are all superstars and I love them but some holiday is more than welcome.





Daniel is finally here with me and after a mini Christmas with my family yesterday we are off to Toronto for two whole weeks! We’ll be eating turkey, share the same bed and go on car rides to see all the insane Christmas lights. I can’t wait. And yes I will keep you updated. Hope you have a lovely holiday!