It’s Tuesday and time for some tunes! For 4 weeks we’ve had a project at Hyper Island called the Lifecycle of a Digital Project and tomorrow we’re presenting for our client. We’ve been developing a digital gaming experience, including strategy, concept, design, campaign, client relationship, and activation. Yesterday we had our last feedback with three people from the industry and our programme manager and I was freaking out. Turns out they thought all of it was brilliant!

So I need a track from a brilliant badass godlike queen to match this – and what’s better then Rihanna’s new track Bitch Better Have My Money?! Well, her first time performing it sure is!

The outfit, the shades, the synced choreography, the fact that they show up in a helicopter, HER ATTITUDE! I’m back being obsessed with her. I mean her outfit game lately has been out of this world and I’ve found my dream job. I feel like I will have a lot of messy nights dancing in inappropriate places to this track.


Check out the original version of the track here. And now I’m going to dance the week away!




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I’m known for (and probably a bit laughed at) for always having a disposable camera in my bag that I take up at the most inappropriate of times. Last week I developed two that I’ve had since august last year and just finished. Most of the photos were random or too vulgar but a lot weren’t!

So here comes the first part, all shot at various times in Stockholm.


With my mate Theo and his brother after a Ty Segall gig when I asked Ty to take a photo of us but with him not in it. His pink poster is hanging in my bed room now and on it he’s written his name asking if I know where to buy weed. All very odd.


When Kajsa and Mikey were in town visiting in December. Sweden thought it was Antarctica and the sun hid for five weeks so we only stayed inside to drink red wine and listen to Stevie Nicks.


Later we kept on falling over at some dance floor where some blog readers kept helping me to get up. I love you and I’m forever ashamed.


My fellow Radar Mag colleagues Max, Christine and Hanna at a company party last autumn. When I showed up I realised that I didn’t know the faces that I had been emailed and employed by for a year! But I found them and then we had prosecco so it was all good.


Tobias and Erik when we had a preparty at my school Hyper Island where we played keynote karaoke before going to Berlin. Stockholm was glimmering in gold and I ran around telling everybody I love them.


When my stunning love Hevin celebrated her birthday by squeezing sixteen people into a karaoke room. It was only embarrassing and incredibly fun.


At a house party with my classmates out in Solna. We played tv-games and danced in nearly empty bedroom to music from a desktop. In seven taxis blasting 80s tunes owe went down town where we all fell into Kåken to dance to Anton djing hiphop.


Went to some pretentious hipster brand opening with Frida and Christina to drink free beer in a basement. Lovina and Nicki from the most wicked noise rock band Dolores Haze joined us and then we hid away at some dirty bar to argue about different versions of feminism.

I keep on wishing that my heart hadn’t been so demolished this year, because I’ve had such great times and not always realised it. Luckily I have shitty little cheap cameras to remind me. Another post with London photos will come!


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March babe of the month is the ever so funky Rosalina Tjioe of the blog Nine in the Afternoon. It feels like a present when her posts appear in my feed because they are realer but just as glossy and well curated as some high quality mag. In her blog we get snippets from her life in Jakarta, Indonesia and it’s full of on point minimalistic outfits, breathtaking photographs and beautifully written stories from her constantly travelling. HUGE GIRL CRUSH.


Hello Rosalinda, how are you doing today?
– Hi Linn. I’m doing great, just feeling a tad bit sluggish after spending the entire day doing essays.

We’d like to know more about who you are! Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your creative passions?
– I am a 19 years old girl currently living in Singapore. My interest with fashion started to blossom when I was in the last year of secondary education. I have to thank this space called the Internet where accessing to boundless inspirations and connecting to inspiring individuals are made possible. It nurtured my passion and by graduation I just knew that it is something that I want to do for the rest of my life. On the other hand, photography is something that I’ve been doing during the entire course of my secondary education and yet it is a passion that I just cultivated recently.


How did your blog Nine in the Afternoon come about and what has it grown to be?
– I came to know about the existence of blogs just right after I graduated from high school, which was probably 4 years ago. I guess I had too much time on my hands and I was just finding activities to tackle my boredom, but what strongly drew me to blogging was how it enables us to freely express our own perspectives of whatever that we are interested in. From then, I continued to post just whatever I like. It was kind of unexpected how blogging has become such an integral part of my life. I am absolutely grateful for the supportive readers and incredible opportunities blogging brings me, but best of all, it has connected me to wonderful individuals whom I’ve even crossed over into real life relationships with.


Any gems from your blog you’d like to share with new readers?
– I think some of my most meaningful posts are my travel diaries. My blog serves as a space where I can indulge in sentimental recollections of my life, so I try to vividly illustrate what I saw, heard and felt. It honestly brings me great joy to be able to share these moments that I cherished so much with all my readers.


What do you do to find inspiration for your creative projects?
– I draw inspiration from everything that is surrounding me; spaces, individuals, books and the Internet.

Who’s your biggest girl crush?
– Jayne Min of Stop It Right Now. I don’t understand how she managed to look carelessly cool yet feminine at the same time.


We all have that guilty pleasure, what’s yours?
– I’ve been trying to cut down oily food to compensate for the 19 years of unhealthy eating, but I just cannot seem to handle fried chicken.

What can we expect from you in 2015? And in the future?
– Although I’ve had a huge fondness towards photography for a long time, it just hit me recently that there are more to it than just capturing beautiful frames. I want to delve deeper into photography. But don’t get me wrong; I am never neglecting my ever-growing love for fashion. I want to do things that combine these two passions of mine, so I might just dive into fashion photography.

Check out her blog here.



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LONDON – Ramen Noodles & Kitschy Bars

We wake up in a bright room after this rainy Saturday night. The windows are cold from the dew and the difference in temperature make them fog up. I can here your flatmates moving around in the kitchen below. There has been some fashion crisis at one of their photoshoots and the dramatic gossiping is entertaining even from here. You pretend to be sleeping and turning around you wrap your arms around my waist, slipping a few fingers under my shirt and up my ribs. The hint of a smile on your lips gives you away though and I bury you under the duvet and locks of my hair.


We share a shower and I’m about to cry as I forget that the damn boiler is broken and get sprayed with icy water. Fuck you London I hate you I hate you. Even though it’s not true. You cover me in towels and your warm skin prickles as it touches mine, but you don’t even seem to mind. We get dressed to a new track you’ve found a few days earlier.

Then you bring me up to a new spot up the road that you’ve just discovered called Verden. You get slightly embarrassed by the fact that we are the only couple in there who are not parents or heavily pregnant. It wasn’t this many young families in here last time I promise. I just love how uncomfortable you get by these things, scared that I will misinterpret this as hints.


We order spicy chorizo and poached eggs on avocado. The orange juice comes in fancy glasses and the waiter can probably tell that I’m actually skint but in London we all play along in those rare moments of luxury.


The rain falls like a soft mist over East London as we catch the bus down to Shoreditch. It will never bother me this rain, unlike so many others in this town and you still find it amusing. I have a folder on my laptop with all the rain related jokes and memes you’ve sent me and it’s now as heavy as the clouds above.


We check out trendy boutiques and buy coffee table books. The bracelet you gave me for Christmas broke and you are talking to some lady in the shop about fixing it. I’m not superstitious really, but it doesn’t feel like a good sign that the jewellery you give me keep on breaking. We end up returning it because what’s the point of having a jinxed bracelet instead of cash.


At Redchurch Street we meet up with Stenberg for a coffee. He tells us about how he’s quit his job and is going travelling in Japan for months. Apparently they have waterfalls and tropical mountains there too. I’m deadly jealous as I’ve still never been able to make my cherry blossom and sushi dream come true.


We get inspired by our conversation and decide to head up to Mare Street and Tonkotsu Ramen & Bar.


It’s lovely of course, but I think my being a student doesn’t really make me too excited paying £12 for ramen when I eat it too often for only 40p. But the Asian beers are incredible and the company alike. A tad tipsy and exhausted by the food we say bye and head back to your flat.


At home we have a preparty just me and you playing tracks too loud on the laptop and drinking beer in your bed. The raindrops patters the windows and I’m almost hoping that we can cancel our plans and not leave this nook. You try on a new jacket you’ve bought and I almost don’t want you to wear it because I know girls will hit on you even more than they already do. At nine we head over to Ridley Road Market Bar.


Inside it is a tropical kitsch explosion with beer cans for £3 and pints of mojito for £5.


It’s not long before this man shows up with his eight mates! Those of you who have followed me for a few years probably remember my tattooed hunk of a friends Karl-Anders that I used to take me on all kinds of bad adventures where we never went home before 8am. He was the one who gave me my Deathly Hallow tattoo on a drunken night back in 2012 and saved me when my male friend got so angry that he punched me in the face.


It pinches my heart to be able to hang out with him again as we haven’t really done that since he moved to Gothenburg. We talk about fallen friendships and ridiculous after parties, how destructive London can be and how easy it is to drown especially if you are trying to stay afloat on friends who can’t even swim.


More of my mates fall in through the glowing lights and we buy cans and dance among the crowd. Boys find girls in short suede skirts to make out with and I spin around to the early 2000s rnb tunes.


You grab my wrist by the bar and we share a can. The fairy lights dye my hair in various colours and then we dance until they turn the lights on.