Alright guys, I’ve been MIA this past week! Why? Because I’ve been making out with Daniel but also because things with this blog is changing.

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The day has come when I’m saying farewell to Radar Magazine and everything that this blog has been for the past 2 years (fucking long time!). It’s been a pleasure, but now I’m moving away from home like a rebellious teenager. And where am I heading?

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Well, to nothing other than Metro! Can you believe that the dirty little swearing me will be allow to conquer their site huh? It’s true and I think it’ll be wicked.

You’ll follow me there right?

(and I’ll make sure to transfer all you bloglovin’ers)



It’s a brilliant day and so so soon that summer we’ve been dying for is here. I’m planning to do all things disgustingly stereotypical for summer. Hand me all the tacky props like colourful bathing suits, plastic sandals and inflatable crocodiles.

I was texting Lovisa earlier about how this year I promise I’ll trek all the way far far far down south London to see her and drink lemonade in her garden. We’ll wear cherry coloured shades, complaining about having to shave our legs and our suede skirts sticking to your skin before spontaneously going to Brighton but not affording lunch there.

It doesn’t feel like I have an ounce patience left for work, so luckily there are tunes like British goddess Nao’s Zillionaire to keep me somewhat sane.





Eyeshadow by Sleek • Skirt, Vintage • T-shirt, Sandra Beijer for JC

This weekend I’m pretty pissed off. Angry that I’m working working working! Where are my adventures?! So I wear my new, deadliest pink eye shadow with a leather skirt and refuse to wash my hair. ~BADDASS~

A good thing about working like an idiot was that this week my group won a 48hrs brief competition with the Swedish real estate agent Fastighetsbyrån! My first award and I’m now a proud owner of an occulus rift – whatever I’ll do with that one? I’ll probably use it like this to scare the shit out of a couple friends.

Also a huge THANK YOU ALL for completing my first ever survey! It was especially lovely going through all your comments (and for you who haven’t done it yet you can complete it here).



London Motorcycle Cafes, the Geffrye Museum & Pub Food

We’ve come to the last Sunday of the two weeks I spent at Daniel’s flat in London.


After this night we woke up to a London that lay empty and grey, the air saturated with heavy thunder. Daniel and I got dressed and walked down Hackney.


First we stopped by Bolt, the motorcycle cafe and shop in the Hackney Central arches.


They sell all things cool but also make exquisite coffee to pretty sweet tunes. Perfect to hide away from the busy streets and just look at all the tiny little knickknacks and art they have.


Daniel browsed through the vintage leather jackets.


Whilst I ran around with this little cutie. Every shop should have a dog!


Right at that moment Kajsa messaged asking if we wanted to join her and Mikey at the Geffrye Museum, so we walked through London Fields and enter this dreamy compound. Finally there are leaves on the trees. I’ve missed them.


And there they were walking along the garden paths. The museum was as unexciting as one might expect from a tiny museum showcasing british living throughout time. Mikey did a pretty great just keeping us entertained telling stories from how the brits survived the plague with masks filled with rose petals and such. Then we mostly tried to guess right at the kids questions and got super annoyed when a six year old spoilt them for us.


When the tour was over we went to the pub for some hotdogs and ales in a dark booth.


I looked over at Kajsa like a proud mum or something when our bfs made plans to go on a cinema date together haha. A little bromance is happening.


My love Lovisa stopped by being as charming as always. <3 We talked about friends lost in depression, disgusting youtube clips of babies and how she is staying for at least three more years in London to become a pro ass photographer.


Jared and Olivia popped by showing photos of their new flat up in Holloway Road. Isn’t his tattoos the prettiest?


By the time we were on the third round it was dark outside and it was time for is to walk back through the empty park. The rest of the night Daniel and I spent watching Game of Thrones, letting baclava flakes rain down on our sheets and bother us for the rest of the night.


Here you can see my previous days during my two week stay in London.