My name is Linn Wiberg, a 23 year old Internet darling and kickass crybaby. Apart from blogging I also work as a freelance writer and am working on my first novel. I have a soft spot for monochrome clothing, dirty gigs in hidden places and dreamy stories. Although a Londoner by heart I’m in Stockholm at the moment, studying Digital Media at Hyper Island.


My goal is to showcase another side of being female, an imperfect side but brilliant nonetheless, and uplift other inspiring women. I’m tired of females being told what to do.


This blog is a creative place for everything raw and honest. I tend to write myself out of trouble, or more correctly I write about my getting into trouble. My boyfriend, Daniel, is a total babe but happens to live in London. Apart from my crying over us having a long distance relationship I think that being young is goddamn golden.

For collabs etc email me at lmcwiberg@gmail.com


  1. rickard

    I stumble upon your blog and fell in love with every word. You’re an amazing writer. Just wanted you to know.

    1. linn

      wow, thank you. that means the world!

  2. Sofia

    Hey there, I just wanna have a go at making one of these semi-creepy comments about reading your blog a good 5 times a week, and that I have done so for almost two years now. This blog, and you, are absolutely awesome. Reading it made me want to be a hip and cool swede who dress in black and live in east London. Unfortunately I didn’t end up living in east when I moved to London this year, and I’m not all that hip(ster) yet. But I do wear black a lot! (but that’s just cause I study drama and we have to wear black)
    Anyway, what I wanna say is that your blog was very inspirational and useful when I did make the move from Sweden to this lovely capital, so thanks a lot for that! And more importantly, it continues to inspire me to fuck the patriarchy! I can’t wait to see your advertising on the tube in the future, because I’m sure it’ll be hard hitting, badass and poignant.
    Varför jag skrev det här på engelska vet jag inte riktigt. Det känns som det kanske är lite småpretto att skriva på engelska till en annan svensk, men äsch, vem fan bryr sig!
    Stor KRAM och massa tvåspråkig kärlek till dig och din blogg!

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