We kick off the new series BABE OF THE MONTH with the kickass twins Elizabeth & Victoria Lejonhjärta behind the account @lejonhjerta. 

Hello! Can you tell us about yourselves?

We both get kind of overwhelmed whenever we’re asked to introduce ourselves. So to not drown you in Morpheus quotes we’re gonna stick to this:

We’re Elizabeth and Victoria. (Yes, in that order, the other way around is just so wrong!). We are twins, best friends and sidekicks. (Insert generic highschool joke on how were glued to eachother here). We have a wild imagination and reside in our own little world for the most where we like to get creative. We also like to think we’re badass superheroines from the north.

How did your instagram account come about?

We’ve both always enjoyed taking pictures but we steered away from social media for a long time. We retreated to the woods and spent a lot of time looking inwards and on trees. Eventually Elizabeth got an instagram mainly as a visual outlet and like with most of our stuff, we developed an inevitable shared custody. We were very shy at first and would only post about once a month as insta-padawans, but with time it grew into a proper jedi.


Who &/or what inspires you?

Everything: Trees, light, rain, Norrbotten, the dialogue in “Ghost in the Shell” from 1995. People who are re-inventing themselves in systems were they are mere objects: Black people in white spaces, women in patriarchal societys, invisible minorities, HBTQ people surrounded by heteronormativity ETC – who are taking control of their own representation.

What’s your biggest guilty pleasure?

Sugar. We’re such sweet tooths. Whenever we get offered any kind of sweets it’s always a yes. The thing is, neither of us have a perception of what, for example, a normalsized piece of pie looks like or how much is okay to eat from someones bowl of candy. Sorry friends.

What can we expect from you guys in 2015?

Except for working on our teleporting abilities, the only thing we can say for sure about the future is that we’re going to evolve. And definitely have more fun!


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