The babe of the month for February is the kickass Risa. Coming across her blog a few months ago I choked and now I couldn’t use enough superlative to describe her. Her outfit game is ridiculously good but most wicked is her attitude towards promoting and supporting other females – goddesses in her wording. So she was an obvious feature for this month.


Hello Clarissa, how are you doing today?

Hi Linn, my days going well, just finished shooting a blog post!

We’d like to know more about who you are! Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your passions?

Well, where can I start, I’m a young female living in East London, my blog has literally become my sanctuary and has played a big part of my life in the fashion industry. Before hand I enjoyed art and photography so it was only right I continued my creative side in some way. My passions are imagery, creative direction and I’m a real tomboy so I’m really into menswear styling.


How did your blog Vintage Doll Risa come about and what is it growing to be?

I started my blog 2 years ago and I started it to get myself out there and also do something fun like a hobby. I didn’t expect the response and following I have today and I am so grateful. It’s growing and becoming a place of inspiration to many young girls who support and keep up with me. It’s not only a blog anymore, but female empowerment and a reminder that whatever you wear you can be awesome and bold!

Who &/or what inspires you to be creative?

Everything around me, the people I love dearly, the internet, books, magazines. Everything is a source of inspiration to keep myself creating.


Biggest girl crush you’d like to highlight?

Girl crush: Alealimay

We all have that guilty pleasure, what’s yours?

I have many, but at the moment it would have to be PIZZAAAAA.


What can we expect from you in 2015? And in the future?

I plan to collab with more brands more hands on, designing collaboration pieces for underground brands!

Check out her blog here.




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PS cred to Hanna who also recommended Risa and is btw hilarious.


And if you have a blog/tumblr/instagram etc or know of somebody who deserves more attention – please share below and spread some love for wicked women.


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