I’m lovesick, heartsick, longing for my love. I figured it was time for those of us who are missing or wanting, have forgotten how things were or what they could be should get some more LOVIN’. Here are the gems I’ve stumbled upon lately:


Two Lovers by Julia Bersani is a photo series with SO MUCH INTIMATE LOVE, I just want to fly over to kiss Daniel asap.

10 Best Modern Love Columns where the New York Times has collected their most popular pieces throughout time from their weekly column where different people write about love.

The { } And is an interactive documentary that based on your values shows what happens when couples are bluntly honest with each other. I was MIND BLOWN. In the gallery they have sub-documentaries where couples answer i.e. Am I the { Best Sex } You’ve Ever Had? and all the couples’ individual stories.

To Fall in Love With Anyone, Do This is a story by Mandy Len Catron about how she sets out to fall in love with an acquaintance by following the exact steps of a study made in the 90s. So COOL and incredibly romantic and unromantic at the same time!

The Blues. A heart wrenching story about women in love written by the brilliant Sara Elizabeth Grossman. “I didn’t turn into a pumpkin, but I had a panic attack because you wanted me to sleep over.” It’s recognisable and hilarious. If I ever learn to write as good as this…





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  2. Agnes

    Kärlek är verkligen underbart och det slutar aldrig tråka ut oss. <3

  3. Avy

    I really don’t know how to write about love, let alone feel it.

  4. frida

    asså hallå vad fint allting blir tokig

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