Alright guys, I’ve been MIA this past week! Why? Because I’ve been making out with Daniel but also because things with this blog is changing.

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The day has come when I’m saying farewell to Radar Magazine and everything that this blog has been for the past 2 years (fucking long time!). It’s been a pleasure, but now I’m moving away from home like a rebellious teenager. And where am I heading?

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Well, to nothing other than Metro! Can you believe that the dirty little swearing me will be allow to conquer their site huh? It’s true and I think it’ll be wicked.

You’ll follow me there right?

(and I’ll make sure to transfer all you bloglovin’ers)


Here is the second part of what came out from my disposable camera that I’ve had tumbling around in my bag since last autumn. These are all from my trips back to my favourite city and second home – London. You can see the Stockholm part here. Let’s start!


My Canadian babes Daniel and Danielle a wet Hackney night in November when it was still mild enough to sit at the Netil House terrace.


At my surprise birthday party in Daniel’s flat a whole bunch of friends were hiding as I entered oblivious.


Wilma brought vodka in a milk jug, we danced to pc pop and I described it as I wish I could push dawn until next year. I also love that it looks like Kajsa is looking fab in a fedora when it’s actually just a mirror behind her.


A morning with take away coffees in Daniel’s bright hallway that looks like a crack den in this photo.


Another night in Hackney when Kajsa refused to accept that Halloween was over and convinced everybody to dress up. What we do for the people we love…


A sweaty leather wrapped me, pop princess Rakel from the band Dream Wife and the glam babe Kajsa.


Everybody danced until the make up melted into puddles and Daniel dropped my friend on her head, thinking he’s stronger than he actually is. It was all pretty embarrassing I’m sure, and when we were sober enough to realise we quickly hurried home.


The night me and Frida were sipping whiskey to hiphop at Satan’s Whiskers.


Here we were in some back alley in Hackney and a guy walked by and I asked him to take a photo whereupon he looked horrified and slightly disgusted. Kind of realised why looking at this.


At Daria and Ada’s birthday party in a art gallery in Hackney Wick. That night the dj tried to steal my fur coat, people dropped the speakers down the stairs, vegetarians ate bacon crisps and a girl said that if it’s lucky that your bf has a twin brother I can sleep with because this is the most handsome man I’ve seen(?).

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Has anybody got any tips on cheap, analogue point and shoot cameras I could get instead of wasting money on throw away stuff?



Me in Daniel’s flat in Clapton


Firstly a lot of love to Flora who linked to and praised my writing – you are a star. And welcome to all of you new readers!

My two weeks in my favourite city has passed and I’ve landed in a sunny Stockholm. It’s a friendly welcome. The cherry blossom are all around and the Scandinavian ocean seem made out of sequins. And it’s quite alright. Those of you who have followed my crybaby heart since I moved here in August know what a huge step forward this is for me. I did cry last night though, as I always do when I have to leave Daniel behind. Being in London has done good for my soul, I feel like myself. But most of all I feel confident that I will quickly get back into my life there once I move back in November.

A good thing with this long distance relationship though is that I’ve now commuted enough to be upgraded to a silver member with SAS and get to jump every queue at the airport! Haha. I can continue my Kardashian lifestyle for a little bit longer, feeling fab and fine. I have a whole heap of images to show and stories to tell so stay tuned.




I’ve written a few posts on the subject of long distance and heartbreak that perhaps can give some comfort if you are going through something similar:

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Maybe the summer has come to London after all

As you know, I’m in London visiting my boyfriend Daniel for two weeks because the project I have at school now allows me to work from anywhere. It feels odd being in a place that isn’t mine anymore but has been for the past four years. Anyhow, this is what my first Saturday looked like:


The flat was drowning in sunlight when we woke up on the Saturday. Daniel surprised me with having filled the whole fridge with food for us, instead of letting it echo empty and us having to head to the store first thing as per usual.

“I just like walking to the store in the morning and picking out exactly what I fancy that morning.”

I have to agree that walking down the warm streets alongside other sleepy East Londoners in worn jeans and comfy hairdos, feeling the heat from the sun on my jumper and the weekend buzz in the air, is a wicked way to start a day.


We play loud music with all the windows open as we prepare breakfast. One of Daniel’s flatmates is there in his pink hair, swinging his kimono around as he speak wildly on the phone. Nobody wants to get dressed because nobody will allow this Saturday morning to pass.


Eventually we do though and outside the bricks are sizzling and cherry blossom dance around in the air before they gather on the ground. In London Fields park we find Kajsa, Amel and Saboune amongst hundreds of people barbecuing in the grass. It’s like summertimes when we did this several times a week. However, the wind is getting aggressive and our cheeks scarlet so we just do what any other Londoner would – we head to the pub.


Together with this little fella named Bear that Seb is dogsitting for the week. He might be adorable but people around us actually move tables because of his farts…


Amel and Kajsa plan our joint trip to Amel’s home in Scotland in November when the mist is thick and the whiskey dark.





I’m absolutely bias when it comes to the UK but how brilliant isn’t it to be able to go to the pub at 2pm on a Saturday find that it’s already packed?


Our phones keep on vibrating as our friends ask to join. It’s time to switch pubs and together with more friends we head to the Spurstowe Arms where the seven of us squeeze in around a table for two.


This sun. <3


The Icelandic babe Theo.


We talked about South American lovers, hot band members and Indian wedding ceremonies, all present in our lives in the last month.


But Daniel isn’t too keen on those topics.



As the sun climbs down the London skyline we all become hungry and decide that a last minute barbecue is an excellent idea.


So we walk the 25min trek down to Kajsa’s. My sense of distance gets so skewed when I’m here as nobody pays the monthly travel card and tend to walk a good 45min without really be bothered by it. I think that’s why I tell my friends back in Sweden that East London just feels like a small town. Everybody lives close by and you can walk to work, your friends and the pub.


Kajsa lives in a little house basically on the canal and has a perfect outdoor space for barbecueing. It happens that she had completely forgotten that the barbecue wasn’t assembled though and with rumbling stomachs Daniel and I take on the job. I now get why people break up after having bought stuff from Ikea. Although I couldn’t stop laughing at my dear boyfriend my only advice for you guys out there:

Never try and assemble anything with your partner if that person hasn’t eaten yet.


We don’t break up though and suddenly the barbecue is flaming so we can laugh it all off.


As Kajsa and Daniel stands for the cooking the rest of us crack open some beer, light candles all around and get some 60s rock tunes going.


When the sun disappears Kajsa pulls out all of her fur collection to keep us warm. The food takes longer than expected and by the time we eat it is pitch black out with only the amber light from peoples windows dancing in the canal. The food is definitely worth the wait and Daniel actually looks like a magician as he preps it.

When we can’t feel our toes any longer we can all agree that the summer probably isn’t here just yet. Instead we move inside to sit on the floor, argue about Kanye West and drink vodka straight out of the bottle. There is no need to leave the house for a bar, everything we want is right here.

Even if summer perhaps hasn’t come yet, it is so bloody close now.



You can find all my London adventures in here.