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Alright babes! I absolutely ADORE this place, and all of you who keep on returning here to read and comment. To make this blog something that you love just as much I need to get your opinion. I put together a survey containing 5 quick questions, so it’d be wicked if you could take two minutes answering them!



As you know I’ve got a weak spot for everything love. Perhaps even more now that my boyfriend lives in a different country! So here are 5 videos containing different love for us to enjoy over the weekend!

Clara Cullen’s love letter to her boyfriend Max.

A film featuring teen girls and their love of dance. “This project is about the way dance can affect girls — how it can empower them and give them the opportunity to command their own space.” by Petra Collins

60 seconds with art collectors Don and Mera Rubell on who to marry.

Tattoo artist Linnea Sjöberg invites us into her chaotic studio and talks about her love of the freedom that the artform of tattooing provides.

Clémence Poésy reads the love letter written by poet Paul Éluard, to his first wife, Gala, in 1936, several years after she had left him for Salvador Dalí.

And for you who might have missed my previous post on everything love:



Toothpaste kisses


My boo and bff is here visiting again (and I bet you’re all tired of me writing that haha) so I’m busy bringing him to hiphop clubs and modern art museums. Everything feels like summer when he’s around, even the most mundane things and maybe especially those. I’m taking him out for dinner tonight but have no clue where to! Anybody got any suggestions on brilliant restaurant to bring a handsome man to?





Working creatively is hell of a lot of fun right? But the image of how creatives just wake up in a bright flat, make some steaming coffee and continue the day in a constant flow of happy artistry is so unrealistic. I’d argue the majority of time is spent in frustration or agony trying to get into the workflow. But once it happens, it’s worth every tear.

There are obviously a million ways of staying creative, none which are wrong or correct for that matter, but I figured I’d share some that I use.

Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 22.39.42

1. Look over your routines. I often find that when I get in a creative rut it has to do with that my physical routine is far off course. This site shows how a selection of famous artists, writers and musicians of out time divide their hours between work, pleasure, work out etc in a day.

I love how some habits are so specific and strange like Franz Kafka “7pm-8pm: Doing exercises next to the window, then going for a walk”. Although a minus for lack of women.

Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 23.40.34
Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 23.39.54

2. Take something and use it out of context. Combining two elements that are contrary or unrelated tends to become magical. This website called Times Haiku has developed a code that scans all the New York Times’ articles to find hidden Haikus and the result is lovely. In weather reports and sports reviews comes quotes that could be extracted (or made into) some melancholic indie film or novel.

Screen Shot 2015-04-10 at 16.03.08

3. Sit down and brainstorm around new topics. Focusing on what is relevant for your readers, your industry and your artistry is crucial and having lead questions covering these is helpful, but it’s difficult to not end up on the same track. Elle & Company wrote this post helping you coming up with 60 new blog posts/ideas but works just as well for whatever creative task you have.

tumblr_nd4tzkkBLS1qz4m59o1_1280 copy

Malin Gabriella Nordin

4. Look at videos and features of other creatives. I follow tons of different portals that feature artists of different kinds and how they got to where they are today, where they work and what their stories are. My instagram, twitter and blog feed is a way for me to only follow people who can show me different ways of being and working that I can apply on my own life. The video above is of artist Malin Gabriella Nordin and the photos from her studio is taken by Erik Wåhlström.

Screen Shot 2015-04-11 at 12.41.55

5. Expand the tools you use whilst creating. You will get stuck, it is inevitable but it’s also alright. Therefore it’s crucial having tools to help you get out of this. At Hyper Island this is a problem we tackle daily so we are provided with different ways on how to expand your thinking but also how to work in team. If your relationship with yourself or your professional partners isn’t working it can be devastating both for motivation and creation. Now Hyper has released a toolbox with a few key exercises on how to ideate, work in teams and explore your potential and it’s open for everybody.


Hope this was helpful! Do you have a specific site, person or way to stay creative?