Here is the second part of what came out from my disposable camera that I’ve had tumbling around in my bag since last autumn. These are all from my trips back to my favourite city and second home – London. You can see the Stockholm part here. Let’s start!


My Canadian babes Daniel and Danielle a wet Hackney night in November when it was still mild enough to sit at the Netil House terrace.


At my surprise birthday party in Daniel’s flat a whole bunch of friends were hiding as I entered oblivious.


Wilma brought vodka in a milk jug, we danced to pc pop and I described it as I wish I could push dawn until next year. I also love that it looks like Kajsa is looking fab in a fedora when it’s actually just a mirror behind her.


A morning with take away coffees in Daniel’s bright hallway that looks like a crack den in this photo.


Another night in Hackney when Kajsa refused to accept that Halloween was over and convinced everybody to dress up. What we do for the people we love…


A sweaty leather wrapped me, pop princess Rakel from the band Dream Wife and the glam babe Kajsa.


Everybody danced until the make up melted into puddles and Daniel dropped my friend on her head, thinking he’s stronger than he actually is. It was all pretty embarrassing I’m sure, and when we were sober enough to realise we quickly hurried home.


The night me and Frida were sipping whiskey to hiphop at Satan’s Whiskers.


Here we were in some back alley in Hackney and a guy walked by and I asked him to take a photo whereupon he looked horrified and slightly disgusted. Kind of realised why looking at this.


At Daria and Ada’s birthday party in a art gallery in Hackney Wick. That night the dj tried to steal my fur coat, people dropped the speakers down the stairs, vegetarians ate bacon crisps and a girl said that if it’s lucky that your bf has a twin brother I can sleep with because this is the most handsome man I’ve seen(?).

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Has anybody got any tips on cheap, analogue point and shoot cameras I could get instead of wasting money on throw away stuff?


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  2. Zadig

    Hi Linn! I’m glad that you want to pass to a compact camera because the disposable ones are SO bad for the environment! I would recommend a Fuji DL 190, it’s pretty easy to use and comes with a built-in flash. Or the Golden Half, one of my all time favourite cameras, it does not have a flash (although you can add a detachable one) and wickedly doubles the number of photos in each film!
    Keep up the magic and great writing, cheers!

    1. linn

      Yes exactly! That is brilliant, thanks for your tips! Will def look into it and order one asap. <3 and thanks for reading love

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