Since it’s freshers week and I happen to be a stupid fresher I went to the coolest of uncool events planned for us, which was a tour of some of the ghost ad signs around London. It was me and three other students, oh dear.

Ignoring this fact I focused on the old ads, all hand painted on old brick walls hidden in alleyways and back streets, which I do actually like. So here is some stereotypical british sign porn:

1 Garage
2. Postcards

The teacher told us that in the 1800’s people sent as many postcards as we send texts today. INSANE! And you could send one, get a reply and respond once more at least, all within a day. See, school is teaching me stuff.

3. Coachwork
4. Little Crown Court
5. Garage
6 BP
7 Pring
8. Pring
9. sign
10. Furniture
11. G Baily
12. Gilette
14. Gillette

It was a total of two hours starting in Soho, up to Marylebone and all the way back to east London. Once we got to Farringdon though, I just had to rebel a bit and sneak out of the tour to instead meet up with Daniel for lunch. Got to stay disobeying right.





  1. Sam Roberts

    Can you tell me any more about the course you’re on and who organised the tour? Would love to learn more as ghostsigns are my interest/obsession (

    1. linnwiberg

      I have no idea what her name is but if you email UAL (University of Arts London) I’m sure they’ll be able to tell you. Just ask for the name of the girl who did the Ghost Sign Tour during Freshers Week.

  2. Alice

    men aahhh fytusan så fint

  3. Karro

    Suck åh så fint.

  4. Frida

    Men så häftiga reklamer! Är alldeles för förtjust i tegel. Och det där om deras brevväxlande var ju bara för galet.

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