A Holiday in Hamsted Heath

In April Daniel and I had been together for three whole years. That’s close to an eternity for me, and to celebrate we tried to rent this dream cabin in Dungeness, a seaside wasteland in the British desert. Just the two of us out in nowhere for a weekend. DREAMY HUH??


Instead we only got as far as Hampstead Heath in north London haha. Unfortunately the cabin was taken and I didn’t have enough money to go elsewhere. As true east londoners who never seem to leave the borough it did feel like a faraway holiday wandering through the open plains.


We walked through the old gardens of the wealthy people who used to own the lands, passed grand estates on the dirt trails sheltered beneath old trees. There is a lot going on in our lives right now. Jobs to be decided, positions to be abandoned, countries to leave and flats to find. Daniel and I are more than confused and living apart there are so many needed conversations that fall away over Skype. Finally it was just us two for hours having time to talk about these things without rushing off to meet anybody.


With the strong wind having torn my hair and my clothes, I felt as worn as when having been out at sea for a whole day. It’s become a tradition to stop by at the tiny cider and ale house called the Southampton Arms every time we visit Hampstead Heath, and after a few hours outside that’s where we headed.


Occupying one of the odd tables by the bar we listed things we wanted to do when we travel two weeks to NYC and Toronto this summer and how we should save up money to travel to Seoul in a couple of years. Around us old couples in denim jackets and perms put their toddler grandchildren on the bar and told them stories of their motorcycle trips.


When the ale was finished and we had listened through half an album with Fleetwood Mac I forced Daniel to admit that he wanted to watch the Arsenal match. Down the road we entered another pub that was packed with supporters and squeezed between chairs and people spilling their pint glasses in excitement we watched Arsenal beat some other team. Despite not really caring about the sport I can’t help but getting involved and annoyed in my competitiveness.


When the sun set and I was starving we took the underground back to Shoreditch to have dinner at the new Korean restaurant On the Bab.


I of course ordered bibimbap. Not the best one to be honest but the beer though!


Slightly tipsy we made huge plans on everything we should do together in the future. What flat we should buy in what area and how we should get a joint studio to work together from and what the name of our freaking dog should have. Something that would’ve freaked me out before, whilst now it’s just exciting.

Suddenly three years felt so tiny in comparison to how much time I want to spend with him. I’ve stopped being realistic with how love never lasts after my slightly drunken conversation with my oracle Sandra in New York back in 2012. She said that what’s the point of even being in love if you don’t act like it should and will last forever?




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  2. beata


  3. Annie

    Tjena Linn!
    Känns som men evigheter men ändå inte när jag hälsade på dig påsken 2012 när du precis hade börjat träffat Daniel. Jag går in och kikar här dagligen och jag älskar att läsa om dig och ditt liv. Vi drömmer om totalt olika saker, men det gör den här platsen ännu mer spännande och exotisk för mig. Din London-romantik är ju ba +++++++ och ibland får den mig nästan att öveerväga att flytta tillbaka till Brighton igen. Du skriver verkligen som en stjärna! Nu tänkte jag vara fräck och slänga in en request: skulle inte du kunna ha en frågestund snart? Det är så mycket spännande som pågår i ditt liv och det var länge sen du hade en – det är mitt favoritinslag!

    Massa kramar från Annie

  4. Frida

    Jag är alldeles för blödig nu för tin’ men OOOooOOooOIIIII all denna romantik och framtidstro gör mig vindögd. Jag och min kille var och tittade på en potentiell tomt för ett sommarhus här om dagen och det skulle också ha skrämt ihjäl mig i vanliga fall men nu börjar jag tänka lite mer som du och Sandra.

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