1 canal

After nannying my two dare devil kids whom I adore I swung by the canal once again.


3 axel

Because this little fella was in town! You who’ve followed me since 2011 probably recognise Axel as we lived together for a year up in Clapton.

2 kajsa

He was in town for the weekend so Kajsa and Thedi cooked us dinner whilst I showed them my newest musical obsession: John Wizards.

4 kajsa

Outside there was red wine and swan fights, violet skies and bright eyes. Tons of catching up and gossip to do.

5 axel kajsa

But mostly hugging.

6 axel

We discussed old lives and lost friends and like every other youth on this planet we swore to stay best buddies always. We also discussed how much Kajsa looks like Piper (Taylor Schilling) from Orange Is the New Black.


I mean look at her! This chick is killing me. <3

7 kajsa

Then it was time to take the party elsewhere.

9 axel

To the Fox on Kingsland Rd for too expensive ales.

8 kajsa

Daniel showed up slightly drunk on his skateboard after having fallen twice.

9 london

As the bar closed a few hours later we walked back home in total darkness, but a friendly one you know. Because all around the damn summer smelled like hope.




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