1 kajsa

At 11am Kajsa and I both awoke, not tired in the least although we’d only slept for five hours. We lie in bed for a long time, talking, like a proper sleepover before getting dressed. Me wearing the same clothes as last night. Ugh.

2 kajsa towpath

It’s close to 30degrees and the sun is burning over London. Like every other East Londoner we walk along the canal, barelegged and sweating, until we reach the Towpath Cafe. Ice coffees and grilled cheese sandwiches AND we manage to get that one table in the shade.

Hundreds of dogs pass, we discuss boys living in flats without cutlery and families being to far away, how we should own a warehouse in South with plants and rugs and art everywhere, about those times we’ve bumped into old one night stands and being too damn happy but oh so lost. She’s a star, a true one.

5 broadway market

Continuing dating we head over to Broadway Market where boys bands play country music just to get laid. I know these kinds of brit boys, Kajsa claims, and I would never disagree.


So I’ve been at Broadway Market pretty much every Saturday for the past two years, but today Kajsa manages to show me so many places I’ve never ever seen. Like this second hand shop disguised as a laundrette. We try on flowery dresses and leather skirts, and nothing fits and it’s probably because of the lack of sleep, all too funny.

She takes me to the markets hidden behind the school and we find wedding rings and even more dreams. A friend serves us ice coffees from her bar and the whole world is just bright and simple.

8 meadow
7 london fields kajsa

In the middle of London Fields the meadow is in full bloom. There all the black clad hipsters with no money but with designer sunglasses sit, drinking prosecco straight out of the bottle and rolling tobacco. Nowadays everybody has a French Bulldog, but people tell me they are now out of fashion.

8 mikey

The air is heavy with heat and it smells of rain. Mikey arrives from South London in his Purple Rain t-shirt that Kajsa bought him in Berlin.

9 mikey

They are the ultimate match. <3 We pop our beer cans open as the sun starts climbing down the sky, trying to make plans for the night.

10 sleepy

Some are already having a pretty rough day/night and as the rain starts falling these two skaters are still sleeping in the fields when everybody else flees into shitty flats and warm pubs. I head home to shower and eat pasta straight out of the pot before walking over to Kajsa’s.


Saboune and Wilma have also joined and we watch the sunset dye the canal all peach. Mikey gets to dj and plays only 80s music.

11 bffs

Drunk we dance on the table outside and on the kitchen counter, but Kajsa and Mikey are just too in love. <3

12 mikey

At 1am we decide to make something of the night and head up to Hackney Central.

13 hackney central

We try on strangers’ bikes and pay entry to a shitty club. Like mad people we take taxis nobody can afford to 3(!) different shitty house parties in Stoke Newington and Hackney Downs where people are either sleeping or in their pyjamas.


But it’s alright because we are fun and who needs anything else? All of a sudden it’s six in the morning and I panic slightly from the fact that such horrid parties have taken up this much time when I know Daniel’s plane lands in London in 5 hours. I rush home, because I cannot wait a second longer to see him.




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  2. Avy

    And for a second you forget your own mortality. I know how it goes.

  3. Denise

    Du är så bra, älskar hur du skriver <33333

  4. Sofia

    älskar detta!!

  5. Hanna

    Så jävla fint inlägg bara.

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