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My family at Westgate, Nairobi 2010


I have trouble writing this post as I’m hurting and will still never come close to describing or feeling the pain caused to the people of Kenya.

The past week Al Qaeda has carried out a terrorist attack on the mall Westgate in Nairobi where at least 69 people has been  murdered and over 200 injured. The victims have been beheaded, raped and disfigured, children stabbed with knives. As the mall was then demolished, it collapsed and trapped up to 200 more people in the rubble so they expect the number of dead to increase with another 130-160.

This is a country I love, it’s my second home as my family still live there, and Westgate is a place me and my family visit frequently. I am so grateful that they were lucky enough not to be there and that they are safe. I am also horrified that it happened to these absolutely innocent people. NOBODY should have to experience anything like this. My heart goes out to the victims and their families.


Having said that, I can’t stop thinking about the fact that when it’s wealthy, white people dying, the whole world gets involved, but when street children and poor Africans get abused, molested and killed every single day in the same area, it’s accepted as a part of this system.



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