NYC // DAY 5

För er som hellre läser på svenska.

Wednesday in NYC and we got up to head up to the Meatpacking District. Just as we exited the subway the sky cracked open and we ran for protection to the sound of billions of raindrops against the city streets.

Daniel i regnet

At an appalling coffee shop we hid from the rain, trying to find a good and close lunch spot through Unlike City Guide.

1 Grey Dog

It told us to go a couple hundred meters down to this place.

2 grey dog

Old signs, warm, tons of sandwiches and fairy lights, plus they were playing Lykke Li and AlunaGeorge. Perfect.

4 the grey dog
3 the grey dog

So instead of strolling around NYC we just hung out, Daniel and me, talking shit and telling stories for a few hours until the rain stopped.

6. West Village

Back outside we walked around through Chelsea, Meatpacking, West Village and Greenwich Village, photographing and chatting. The last two areas were were my favourites as there were lots of brick buildings and even more trees.

7. Soho oysters

Eventually we ended up in Soho and at some Mexican bar we ordered some happy hour beers and one little oyster as I’m convinced I should like them. And every time, I’m proven wrong.

8 Oyster bar
10. Oyster bar

After all, I’m in love with rainy holiday days too as you don’t have to rush anything, just get a bit drunk and eat good stuff.

Around six Nicolas met up for us and we headed back to Brooklyn. On the was we picked up some pizza and then packed up all of our stuff again, as it was time to take the overnight bus up to their hometown Toronto, in Canada! I was dead nervous and above all excited.





  1. E

    Hej Linn! Först och främst måste jag verkligen säga att jag älskar din blogg, den äger! Sedan så undrar jag om du inte skulle kunna ge oss lite Londontips? Vart man ska ut och dansa, vart det finns fina utställningar och så vidare! Jag har själv varit i London ett par gånger och vill inte ha de typiska turistställena. Hoppas det inte är för mycket begärt, kram!

  2. Men ååh. Avundsjuk!

  3. maja

    hej! jag och en kompis ska till new york några dagar. har du några tips? några “must see” eller så? :)

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