Saturday in London

Daniel in Lower Clapton, nov 2014

Eventually we do manage to leave for brunch. Late but fine nonetheless. The streets of Clapton are soaked in sunlight and there is nobody not wearing sunglasses. I keep asking myself why I live in the country with probably fewest sun hours in the world during winter when its light makes me this thrilled.

Candela, Clapton

We go to the Latin American restaurant Candela for brunch. One of the male waiters welcomes us as and shows us our table as the place fill up with smoke followed by curses coming out of the kitchen.

The other waitress is new and just lovely. She forgets dishes people order and pours us some concentrate juice straight out of the box. It’s the kind of juice one don’t even have to keep refrigerated but that will still last for three years and you can taste the chemicals from it’s sourness. And isn’t that a relief in contrast to all the freshly squeezed, gluten free, organic, non-lactos, diet-friendly and mega healthy options the world is so obsessed about. Maybe not always, but sometimes. If more people could focus on solving problems like girls suffering genital mutilation and the fact that people are actually still starving in 2014 instead of getting wealthy people feel even more better about themselves I’d be a lot happier at brunch. Hopefully our generation can get our shit together.

Daniel, Candela, London

Daniel and I discuss this among other topics. Like the confusing feeling of annoyance and flatter when friends buy same outfit as you after having seen you where it.

Brunch at Candela, Clapton

The food arrives and it is so much better than a full english breakfast. We eat and watch people come and go. So far Clapton isn’t too gentrified. The rest of the restaurant are made up by couples all classes and races, so much unlike Stockholm. Two young women are sitting in the corner next to us. The must be coming straight from the party with tangled hair and old makeup climbing down on their cheeks. Impressive to be including a brunch in their walk of shame. But thankfully they do it without any shame.

Daniel pauses my thoughts and points at the witch hat blowing past the window. Life is too filmlike at times.

Daniel in his flat

We pay and the lovely waitress hands me the worst coffee I’ve tasted in my entire life. How can I not forgive her though, with an eyeliner sharper than a dagger.

the Old Ship In, Hackney

Together we walk down to cash my check from the British Tax Office (thank you thank you, I am not that poor any more) and cross the street to enter the Old Ship In still in its Halloween costume.

Danielle at the Old Ship In, London

Behind the counter I find my babe Danielle, looking more like a movie star character than ever. Currently working as a barista and bartender, not knowing how to make coffee and strongly disliking interacting with strangers. It’s a perfect match.

She started the trend of us emailing each other about our youth miseries since being apart. Long and short anecdotes about love and work and desperation. They always make me smile when reading them because Danielle is out of this world with her reactions. I can just see her rolling her eyes or not knowing how to act in the most awkward situations that she seems to fall into more often than I have every heard any person do. Somebody just have to write a film about her! For now she is my own real time drama series.

the Old Ship In, London

She goes on her lunch break and over hamburgers we catch up for real.

Anthony at the Old Ship In, Hackney

Her brother Anthony joining too.

London Fields in November

When Danielle has to get back to work as a hen-do enters the bar and are craving their 3pm shots we say bye and walk through London Fields to Broadway Market.

Kajsa and Mikey, London

Because there are the dreamiest of dreamy: Kajsa, Mikey, Elsie and Saboune!

Kajsa, Broadway Market, London

It doesn’t feel like I ever left, but at the same time I feel attached to reality over all. We talk about my coding websites, doing weird shit at school and about all the billion side projects I’m working on. But then we drop that, and we just hang out like before and I love them for it. I think that maybe they can sense the hurt in my voice, having to recount the life I don’t live with them, making me feel further away than ever.

Daniel, Broadway Market, London

Instead we talk about who’s sleeping with who and crazy parties they’ve been to, somebody’s new girlfriend who tells them off for pronouncing dishes the wrong way and what they dressed up as for halloween.

Mikey, Broadway Market

I don’t think about school once. Instead I just enjoy myself, and isn’t that what being twenty two should be about.

Linn at Broadway Market, London

Being in London drinking beer at broadway market with my favourite people in +20 degrees in November whilst having a dog in my lap. Oh my fucking god.

London Fields in November, Hackney

As the sun sets I don’t get that sticky panic in my body like I do in Sweden. There that means I have few hours left to do what I need to do at school. In London it means that the party is about to begin.


Changed into a new leather dressed that’s clinging to every single curve I possess and ends just about where it borderlines between being a dress and just a long top. I am ready and we are ringing the bell of Daniel’s old flat mates and their gorgeous flat in the middle of Shoreditch.


We kiss each others cheeks and drink red wine out of fancy glasses and are so sophisticated to the sound of all the guilty pleasures in the world. Alex makes a heavenly carbonara the real italian way, which is apparently without cream, and we gossip tons but also talk about Algeria and how we are all going to move to NYC in a few years.

Frida Regeheim, London

My Frida is also there. <3 Her internship is a success, obviously, and she is recruited to the team who will compete at Cannes and has also got the most handsome man from another department wrapped around her finger.

Platform Cafe, London

At eleven we take a taxi to Netil House, like we’re famous or just wealthy. That’s one of my favourite games to play.

Mikey and Kajsa, Platform Cafe

Mikey and Kajsa and the rest of the crew are already there, tipsy and dancy, and even though it’s almost illegal, they are dressed up for Halloween despite Halloween being the night before.

Elsie, Platform Cafe

But my friends don’t give a damn, and that’s exactly why they are my friends.

V and Alex, Platform Cafe

Outside on the terrace we sip beer straight from the bottle and tell one shocking story after another.

Kajsa and Wilma, Platform Cafe

People I haven’t seen in an eternity show up from nowhere and we sit on the balcony trying to nestle out each others lives. I encounter another girlfriend throwing up in the unlocked toilet stall I happen to enter and instead of embarrassment she just shows an overwhelming happiness about seeing me.

Danielle at the Platform Cafe

Danielle joins as soon as she finishes. She spends the rest of the night making out with some Englishman in the corner, blaming it on that my pure presence is turning her into a devil child every time I’m in town. <3

Kajsa and Wilma, Netil House 2014

If you look out the windows you could feel all the excitement from the preparties, house parties and bars around London. The city is endless and everybody in it seem to sense it. I wonder how many thousands of people will wake up in a bed that’s not their own.

Hevin, Netil House

Out of nowhere Hevin grabs my arm and throw herself around me. There are too many words at once but they all include her falling in love and changing her life because of it. And I tell her that there is nothing more beautiful than that.

Hevin, Platform Cafe

I can’t believe she’s moving to Stockholm. Hopefully she’ll bring hell of a lot of London with her.

Netil House

I have the complete inability to sense when it’s time to go home because I never seem to stop having fun. The dj plays Prince and Snoop Dogg and the Arctic Monkeys all in a mess. Around four I am still dancing like I’m made out of wilderness and I spin around and make Daniel laugh and just dance dance dance. But seeing him smile a drunken smile and blush when I catch him, all I want is him. So I whisper in his ear and we leave. On the bus we share a £3 pizza and then we crash into bed.

Please don’t let me grow old and boring.




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  2. Caspian

    men dör.

  3. cecilia

    din blogg är helt amazing! älskar sättet du skriver på <3

  4. beata

    men vadå drömhelg!!!!!

  5. Klara

    SÅ BRA angående hälso-hets, behövs fler bloggare som inte jämt och ständigt pratar raw food, chiapudding och avancerade smoothies. Alla former av överdriven medvetenhet kring mat skadar oss och är så himla tröttsamt.

  6. Avy

    However much I love the dark I can’t stand it without the occasional bursts of light.

  7. rose

    I love your blog and all, but surely people can care about healthy eating and FGM? Like you can care about that and eat endless brunches and talk with friends about people copying your style? It’s not just one or the other

    1. linn

      Absolutely! Just mean that there is such an obsession around “healthy living” that I think it becomes unhealthy (especially as there is already an anxiety around food for many). But healthy isn’t bad, it’s just good to get a larger perspective sometimes.

  8. Frida

    Menåååå jag står inte ut med sättet du skriver på, så BRAAAA! Älskar att läsa dina inlägg. Och titta på bilderna, såklart.

  9. Emilia

    aah älskar dina london inlägg <3
    och bilderna är så himla snygga!!

  10. maria

    Hej, mkt bra tankeställare i första delen om våran frenzy över healthy stuff. Undrar bara hur din syn på köttkonsumtion är i allt detta? kram

    1. linn

      Jag tycker köttkonsumtionen är ohållbar och ju mer veggo desto bättre. Dock problematiskt med ytterligare ett element som tillför ångest kring mat i en så ätstörd kultur som vi lever i, och jag respekterar att inte alla kan mixtra med dieter. Hoppas vegetariskt blir mer standard dock.

  11. Flora

    mmmmm yes

  12. Amanda

    Hur har du gjort med t.ex. post när du flyttat hem? Jag flyttar nämligen hem vid årsskiftet och undrar lite hur jag ska kunna få min check på återbäring etc?

  13. Thea

    Detta får mig att sakna london mer än jag redan gör. Typiskt.

  14. sandra

    Hundar i knäet, pasta carbonara, maskerad OCH takfest?!? Lägg ägg.

  15. Hanna

    <3 <3 <3 har du skaffat ny kamera eller nåt? EXXXTTRREEMT snygga bilder i detta inlägg!!! luv it

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