Throwback Thursday

A favourite ensemble from last winter featuring Grafea Leather backpack, vintage knit and jeans.


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    Happy Birthday Mandy, so glad to hear you have had such a lovely day. I love your smash page, its fab.I have this book so I wont be entering the candy and it is best going to someone who doesn't have it but thank you for offering your lovely candy to a lucky crafter.Enjoy what is left of your birthday.Hugs,Becky x

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  7. FrAncisca

    Gracias Guillermo, me alegra que te haya gudtaso el artedculo. Bueno, en mi caso, siempre que hace sol y no hace fredo, salgo con el porte1til al patio de atre1s a trabajar al aire libre y al medio deda si puedo, salgo a hacer surf o a pasear un poco. Aunque este invierno con el fredo que ha hecho y la cantidad de lluvia que ha caeddo casi no he podido salir y casi me da algo jejeje


    Amazing! Love the jumper! <3

  9. Izael Garrido

    I want your sweater

  10. ▲ y a s m i n a

    Underbar outfit!

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