2014 in 50 Songs

2014 has come to an end and Radar has picked out the best Swedish songs of the year. Oriental rave, brooding melancholy and bleached pop – here’s the best sounds of Sweden 2014, wrapped up in 50 songs.


JJ – All White Everything
The dreamy duo got our full attention with their – in true Sincerely Yours style – mystical, artsy and utterly amazing album trailer for V. Later in 2014 they released the first single that assured us album number three was worth waiting for. And to make it even better, JJ gave us more dreamy visuals to enjoy when All White Everything got it’s stunning video, in full white of course.

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JJ 2

Ji Nilsson – Heartbreakfree

Julia Spada– Vår Nivå

Nadya –  Refugee
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Lorentz  Där Dit Vinden Kommer
Few artists have defined the Swedish music year of 2014 as Lorentz has. His album Kärlekslåtar was the soundtrack of all those late summer nights being high on life in the club, and of the early mornings unsteadily walking home thinking about your ex. Där Dit Vinden Kommer captures those two feelings perfectly with the help of some of the best voices in Swedish music.

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Lorentz 1 - Foto Patricia Reyes

SolenKom Kom Kom

Mack Beats, Rosh, Jaqe and Amin– Chicken Teriyaki 

Sabina Ddumba– Scarred for Life
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Beatrice Eli – Girls
It’s hard not to love the straight forward pop anthem that is Girls, filled to the brim with power and epic lines like “I’ve been staring at the ceiling for so long hoping you would come, thinking of my teacher, my sixth grade teacher, with her long dark hair it always works getting me aroused”. Girls was definitely one of, if not the most, defining songs of Swedish pop music in 2014.

Photo by: Pauline Suzor

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Atelje – Ode to Studio

Rebecca Fiona feat. Duvchi – Cold Heart

Sakarias- Atlanten
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1987- Bomb
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Baba Stiltz – Sun Dance
Besides having worked with names such as Yung Lean and AnnaMelina (also featured on this list) Baba Stiltz made one of this year’s best albums. On the track list you’ll find Sun Dance, a song that captures the feeling of floating around in the air being completely wrapped in fluffy clouds.

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Baba Stiltz _ web2

Lykke Li – No Rest for the Wicked

Elliphant feat mo – One more
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Min Stora Sorg – Hämnden Är Ljuv

Röyksopp & Robyn – Monument
We had a feeling the band constellation Röyksopp + Robyn would be worth our attention seeing as it’s not the first time the Swedish/Norwegian union have spent time in the studio together. The end result got the name Do It Again but it was not the title track that made us the most excited. Monument with it’s dark and brooding sound was definitely the highlight of the EP.

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Royksopp and Robyn

Dante & Adiam – Champagne problems

Silvana Imam- IMAM
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Pheeyownah – Mountain peak, Sea Deep

Nottee – Side by Side

Tove Lo- Not on drugs
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Zhala – Prophet
It’s hard to find someone who can hold their own like singer-songwriter Zhala. She was signed to Swedish Robyn’s own record label Konichiwa Records in 2014 and has definitely proven that she is a force to be reckon with. With the release of her single Prophet, that’s a mixture between oriental and rave, she received nothing but love from the critics. With that said, 2015 better watch out for this kurdish beauty.

Photo by: Märta Thisner
Photo by: Märta Thisner

Kid Astray (Henning Fürst remix) – No Easy Way Out

OLD (Ezzo Fresh remix) – Who’s Going

Say Lou Lou – Games for Girls
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OIAM – Avundsjuka
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Mapei – Change
Swedish-American singer Mapei has definitely made a mark on 2014. She had her international breakthrough back in 2007, and with her soulful voice and catchy melodies she managed to mesmerize her audience on a whole other level. In 2013 she made a comeback with her acclaimed hit Don’t Wait, and with her single Change that was released earlier this year, Mapei has assured us that she’s here to stay.

Photo by: Ruben Sznajderman
Photo by: Ruben Sznajderman

Sandra Mosh – Skallgång

Kleerup feat Susanne Sundfør- Let me in
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Tussilago – Say Hello

Seinabo Sey – Hard Time
The fact that her picture will be decorating Swedish postage stamps (along with fellow countrymen Avicii, First Aid Kit, Max Martin and Robyn) speaks for itself. Seinabo Sey is already a star. Oh, did we say star? A complete galaxy is probably a better way to describe her powerful soul, which sounds it’s best on the 2014 single Hard Time.

Photo by: Saga Berlin
Photo by: Saga Berlin

Beldina – Ocean

The Radio Dept – Death to Fascism

Amason – Duvan

The Hanged Man – First Time Dreaming
Rebecka Rolfart got the inspiration for her debut single as The Hanged Man from quitting her former band Vulkano. The feeling of confusion and loneliness in leaving something behind and starting something new is also the reason behind the ehm… not very cheerful choice of stage name. The music anyhow, is terrific dark tarot card-rock.

Photo by: Sona Hellman
Photo by: Sona Hellman

Alice Boman – Over

Tove Styrke – Borderline

HNNY – Sneeze

Yung Lean ft. Travis Scott – Ghosttown
Yung Lean has been the center of both warm praise and harsh criticism, and releasing that debut full-length album hardly put an end to the controversy. Say what you want about the young Swedish rapper’s music creation as a whole, Ghosttown is a damn good song with an amazing chorus delivered by Lean himself.


The Knife – För Alla Namn Vi Inte Får Använda

Call me – Disclosed

Linda Pira (Remix) feat. Kumba, Rosh, Cleo, Sep,
Vanessa Falk, Rawda, Julia Spada and Joy 
 Knäpper Mina Fingrar

AnnaMelina – Central (Intro)
The past years’ wave of Swedish r&b has produced some very interesting acts, and one of the most unique voices belongs to AnnaMelina. After blessing Soundcloud with a few songs, 2014 was the year she finally released the official debut EP. Central along with two other tracks give the release a beautiful feeling of fragility draped in bittersweet melancholy.

Photo by: Gustav Wiking
Photo by: Gustav Wiking

Little Jinder – Vita Bergens Klockor

Titiyo – Solna

Madi Banja – Inga problem

Colleagues – Tears

Hey Elbow – Blanca


You can find all the songs in our Spotify playlist (except for Atelje – Ode to Studio and HNNY – Sneeze).