Adrian Lux

Swedish DJ and producer Adrian Lux is known to deliver one hit after another, dominating dance floors all over the world. With a Grammy nomination and a soon to be released EP, this year got off to a good start for the house phenomenon. We caught up with him about the importance of collaborations, his future goals, and what’s on his bucket list.

In 2010, Adrian Lux made a household name for himself with the release of his hit Teenage Crime. Since then, everything he touches seems to turn to gold and he keeps on delivering inspiring house beats and catching melodies. To continue this year’s achievements, he now releases his new EP, Make Out, featuring exciting new collaborations with Australian singer Kaelyn Behr as well as Swedish Lune, who we first heard on Teenage Crime. We caught up with him about the importance of collaborations, his future goals, and what’s on his bucket list.

When and with what did you become interested in music?
– It was when I was 16 and started upper secondary school. I got introduced to hip hop by my new classmates. It was a different world where everyone could participate and have their own role. I fell into the DJ:ing and producing aspect of it, and have been there ever since.

What did you listen to as a child? And do you think that has influenced the music you’re making now?
– I listened to everything, Bob Marley, Fugees, Metallica and euro disco, as long as it had that hit feeling to it. My parents had a very special record collection so I got into a lot of weird stuff like King Tubby, The Doors, Massive Attack and fun stuff like that. I think that had a great deal to do why I sound like I do today.

It’s a funny thing with inspiration, you have to be in a good situation
or mode to get it.

How do you believe that you’ve developed as a musician since you first began DJ:ing?
– The DJ:ing helped me so much with my producing, I learned a lot about arranging music and counting bars. And definitely got a good feel for people reactions plus the healthy lesson that Less Is More (as long as you have volume to back it up).

Do you need to actively seek inspiration? And if so, where do you find it?
– Yes, I try to, but it’s a funny thing with inspiration, you have to be in a good situation or mode to get it, it’s not something you can stress to get. I recently took some time off touring, and suddenly I got extremely inspired again. It’s important to have that balance. So you could say that I find it within myself, I just have to put myself in a good state of mind.

Adrian Lux foto av Piper Ferguson

Tell us more about your Make Out EP.
– It’s very inspired by movies and cinematic expressions, I wanted it to feel like a short film in that matter. I’ve always tried to make songs to movies to get inspired, and that was my main vision with this EP. It’s important for me to take the listener somewhere, so If my listeners can dream themselves away while listening to the EP, I have succeeded.

On this EP you’ve collaborated with Lune and Kaelyn Behr, amongst others. Can you tell us something more about these collaborations? How important are collaborations for your music making?
– For me, it’s very important, I think you get the most interesting result when you put different ideas and worlds together. I can only do music with people that I respect musically and it helps if the vibe is great, I think that’s why I choose to work so much with my homies. The Kaelyn Behr collab was interesting cause we made most of it in Melbourne and I ended up playing the song at the end off that same Australian tour. That was fun cause usually it takes me like at least a year to finish something.

It’s very important to keep
it fresh and true to myself,
otherwise I would be lost.

You’re working both as a producer and DJ, besides writing and performing your own music. How do you move between these different roles?
– Well, it’s good to have all these options since there are days when I don’t feel like DJ:ing, and can produce instead. At the moment I couldn’t make music If I wasn’t going to perform it, and I wouldn’t like to perform If I wasn’t producing. It’s very hard, though, since you can’t always decide these things, you can just hope that you feel like touring when you have the shows and that the inspiration hits you on your downtime.

Do you have something on your bucket list for the future?
– I would like to work with Paul Kalkbrenner, he’s a long time hero of mine. I just love his stuff!

What are your other hopes and dreams for the future?
– I hope I can keep on playing my music to people and keep on being inspired while doing it. For me, it’s very important to keep it fresh and true to myself, otherwise I would be lost.

Listen to Adrian Lux’s new Make Out EP above.  

Photographs by Piper Ferguson.