Album Release: Elliphant

Swedish singer and rapper Elliphant releases her new album One More today. Her real name is Ellinor Olovsdotter and her music has been described as a mixture of different genres which entails a futuristic sound. Radar had a chat with her about the new album, collaborations and her goals for the future.

In 2012 she released her debut single Tekkno Scene and followed up with her smash hit Down On Life, which made her gain international attention. Last year she released her debut album A Good Idea and today it’s time for the release of her new album which is actually a mix of two EPs.

What has Elliphant been up to lately?
– I’ve been on tour since May and been working with just the right people. It’s been two amazing tours, one in Europe and one in the U.S. with Charli XCX.

You’re on tour in the U.S right now, what is that like?
– It’s so much fun! Especially to be touring with Charli XCX, she’s young and therefore the audience is younger. And they are the ones who has made it so great. It’s was also the first time I got to experience a younger audience since the age limit is 21 in the U.S. It was so awesome to be able to reach out to my younger fans.

It’s crucial to know that it’s two different EP’s with two different sounds

Tell us about your new album One More.
– Actually it’s two EP’s that have been put together to an album. It’s more of a mash up between the two than anything else. One of them is more mellow and the other one more “clubish”. It’s a mayhem, typically Elliphant. All over the place. I feel free since I finally get to release some music in Sweden. It’s super important for me to be loyal to Sweden, and I’ve been feeling guilty since I really haven’t been sharing my music, so it feels good to finally do that. But it’s crucial to know that it’s two different EP’s with two different sounds. And there will be more music, a more balanced album in the future.

What was the inspiration behind album?
– I’ve been in LA for a year and a half now, working and creating my two EP’s. The songs on there are songs that represent me. Some are foggy and some are soft, which is a good representation of Elliphant. The inspiration are simply songs and I just chose which ones who would fit into the release. Right now One More contains 12 out of 60 songs. The other ones still needs work.


How does One More differ from A Good Idea?
– It’s easy to point out that those were my first years with music. A Good Idea is an album just the way an album should be. It’s made at Odenplan in Stockholm, I was working while trying to get some songs together. We were constantly going back and forward. This one is more of a combination of different projects that are put together. One More is a lot more professional with established producers. But  A Good Idea strictly comes from my heart, I cried walking home from the studio and had to struggle in order to find myself in the music. It simply was created in a very real way. It’s based on different selections, more quality in someways and less in other.

Tell us about the collaborations you did on the new album.
– I can tell you that they were really fun. Diplo and I are not making that much music at the moment, but we talk about it regularly and how to create different possibilities for it to happen. He’s a good friend of mine. That goes for Skrillex as well, we haven’t worked together since he was in Sweden but he’s become a really important friend to me throughout the collaboration we’ve done.

– Diplo is like a storm, and so is Skrillex. It’s constantly “fast forward” and everything moves really quickly. And there will be more, right now we’re just waiting on more time in the studio so we can get down to business again.

It feels like 2015 will be an important year for Elliphant

What happens after the release of the album?
– Right now I’m hopping for the seeds that I’ve planted to grow and to engage in a deeper project, and have some more time over for work. This will be hard since I will be off on tour soon again. But I want to create a real album that will be released. My A Good Idea was only released in Sweden and now these to EPs have finally become something that will be released.

– But I hope that third time’s charm with the next one. I want to have more time to create a record that will be released world wide so that I can make a name for myself for real.

What are your goals for 2015?
– My chance to establish myself world wide, to become a musician who’s in harmony with her releases, with her record label and her crew. It’s been three years of mayhem getting everything together. 2015 will be the hope fore a solid ground- where I know who I am. It feels like 2015 will be an important year for Elliphant and  I’m incredible thankful for all the possibilities and chances I’ve received.