Baba Stiltz

Baba Stiltz is a young creative mind and in my own opinion, the next generation of producers. With his new album Total we are introduced to aspiring beats and sounds we never thought someone could mix together.

This creative mind have released three albums before ‘’Total’’, even more EP’s and a ton of remixes. You could say that he is a part of the Sound cloud-generation, a music world for everyone and nearly all types of music; where you upload your own tracks for the world to hear. Different from other streaming sites like Spotify and WiMP, where countless songs never comes through their doors.

Despite meeting up with me to have a talk, Baba Stiltz is playing at Red Bull Music Academy Weekender in Stockholm this Friday night.

Total is your latest release, tell me a bit more about the album.
– I am really happy about it, and the outcome. I feel like there’s nothing I want to change about it and I’m happy that people like it and gravitate towards the music. it’s the first time for me to receive a response were people listen to my music as music, it’s a different new thing and its fun. It’s a good strange feeling.

Can you imagine sitting on the subway or people walking around with your music in their headphones?
– I don’t know, I mean I have friends listening to my music. I feel my music, that everything is kind of in my perspective, defined to the people around me more than people on the internet or people’s friends’, friend. And that’s kind of strange hearing people that I don’t know telling me that they really like my music and it’s crazy, and so far away from my perspective and they made it their own thing and that is what music is, public domain. It’s that person’s music now.

Do you have a song from the album Total that you like a bit more than the rest?
– I have one song I don’t like, it has kind of a hip hop track it’s called Weeb I don’t like that one.

Why ?
– I don’t hate it but it’s just something about it.

I don’t say that my music is sexy, that would be odd, I am saying that I like sexy music.

How would you describe your music? Instrumental electro with a twist perhaps?
– I don’t have any tags or tag lines, for me it’s different from day to day. For now for example I’m not 52 having an idea if this is my music.

So you are experimenting?
– No it’s more just different each day, I am in to like sexy music. It’s super difficult to make sexy music.

You could say that your music is sexy music?
– I don’t know, I don’t want to be the one who say that. I like it because sexy is a big content, it is so much emotions in that content and you can make it but it is a certain feeling to it. I don’t say that my music is sexy, that would be odd, I am saying that I like sexy music.

Are you thinking about adding vocal to the songs or keep it instrumental? Maybe a collaboration with a singer?
– I sing and write lyrics as well, and if I will do it I will add vocals myself,  I don’t think too much, I really try don’t think too much, I mean as a little as possible because you have to think in some way to be able to work and make a living out of your music, If someone is in the studio or I am listening to some music and think ‘’wow- this is amazing!’’  I wish I would be able to work to that person I would probably try to make that happened.

So you don’t like to think about making music too much?
– Yeah I think that all the decisions and music I have made comes from a place where I used my intuitions rather than planning stuff out.

You are playing at Red Bull Music Academy Weekende this weekend. Are you excited and what are we to expect?
– Yeah, it will be fun. I am just going to play records and have fun. I will try to celebrate and do my thing.

How would you describe yourself?
– I don’t know.

Who does your graphic design covers?
– It’s always someone I know, a friend or something. I released three singles for Studio Barnhus and I guy who I don’t know did those but he made a really god job. I have my friend, also from Studio Barnhus, Malin Gabriella Nordin she is an artist from Stockholm, who is super talented and she did the cover of Lost. When I got the album in my hands and I looked at it, it looked really good.

Where do you want your music to be played?
– Anyone who has who wants to listen, I am more than happy to let them listen, I am not picky about that. As long as no one is dyeing, or noo, nobody can get hurt.. well I don’t know.

I am planning on that somewhere I will have a life situation where I make music, where it feels propane and it feels right.

If you aren’t creating music, what are you doing instead?
– Is music all the time now, this is my work.

What do you like to do then? Are you a runner, movie-fantastic or love to just walk around town at night?
– I am really into watching other people play video games on the internet.

Who do you like to watch the most?
– No, it’s more different YouTube channels I follow.

Maybe you get inspirations from the game’s different sounds?
– Yeah, I am really into video game music, not the video game music ‘’music’’ but like the big sounds and environment.

Not the songs more the sounds that creates in the games while you play?
– Exactly, the sound design, the different sounds that makes like the new Nissan car commercial with the sounds coming while the cars driving *making sounds for himself* I am really into that stuff right now.

What could we expect in the future?
– I have too much music that is not released so I need to figure out what to do with that stuff. I am planning on that somewhere I will have a life situation where I make music, where it feels propane and it feels right. But other than that, I have a bunch of stuff that I made with other people that I am trying to get out there.

Yes, you have been working with Yung Lean for example?
– Yeah I made like three tracks with him. But he is a homie so we link up and make music sometimes. I made some other stuff with Young Sherman we did a couple of RnB tracks. Where we share production but I do the writing so, but that one will never be released ever.

Check out the Facebook event for Red Bull Music Academy Weekender here