Behind the scenes x MF/MB/

Today MF/MB/ will rock Hultsfred Festival and Radar had the pleasure of meeting them before the gig.

Malmö based MF/MB/ released their celebrated debut album Folded in 2010 and has since then been heard on both national and international radio stations, and even on the soundtracks of TV shows like CSI:NY and The Inbetweeners. Earlier this year they released their second album Colossus, and today they will rock Hultsfred Festival. Radar had the pleasure of meeting them behind the scenes.

For our readers that haven’t heard of you yet, how would you describe MF/MB/?
– Band of six members, originally from Bollnäs, but live in Malmö and Stockholm these days. We have a weakness for electronic music and find inspiration in touring, Primal Scream, Melvins, Killing Joke och Kraftwerk.

How and when did MF/MB/ start?
– Some members started creating music in a rehearsal studio back in 2005. MF/MB/ officially took form in 2007 when we moved to Malmö.

What can we expect from today’s gig on Hultsfred Festival, and what do you think about the move to STOXA?
– Since both Siesta and Peace & Love cancelled their festivals this summer we have to top everything during Hultsfredsfestivalen. It’s very sad for those festivals, but it will be great to play at Hultsfred. We understand why the festival moved, city festivals are the ones that gets most-selled tickets in Sweden. However we feel it’s every dramatic and kind of uneccesary to do the move just three months prior to the festival. We think they should have waited until next year for that move.

What’s in store for MF/MB/s nearest future?
– Festivals this summer and continued touring this fall. As soon we get tired of our song we will record another album!

Is there anything MF/MB/ haven’t done yet, that you would like to do?
– Go swimming with dolphins, haha!

MF/MB/ plays at Hultsfred Festival today at 19.30.