Better In The Dark by Say Lou Lou

Less then 24 hours ago The Fader premiered Swedish-Australian duo Say Lou Lou’s latest music video, accompanying their recently released single Better in the Dark.

Impeccable style has become the duo’s trademark, with a visual identity as clear as their music style. The video for Better in the Dark is not an exception.

The Fader’s Duncan Cooper says that he finds “their music’s strong enough that it’d make its way to your ears whatever the hell they called it”Better in the Dark is the first single to be released on record label Colombia, as the girls move onwards and upwards towards an international career.

The suggestive and at moments scary video was recorded in Stockholm’s Radio House, directed by Magnus Härdner and with styling by Nicole Walker.

Say Lou Lou’s full-length debut album is set to be released next year, followed by a headlining concert in London.

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