Moonlit Sailor.


Killerball. Photo: Ryan Garrison


Jack Moy & Glöden.


Cream Island Festival

While many festivals have been forced into bankruptcy the last couple of years, others have just started. We caught up with Love Appelgren who arranges Cream Island Festival for the second year in a row.

Somewhere in the archipelago north of Stockholm there is a small village called Gräddö, what in English would be Cream Island. That’s also the name of the festival taking place there later this month. Cream Island Festival was founded by the Appelgren siblings two years ago and saw its first light last summer. This year it returns with renewed strengths and an impressive line-up with bands such as Killerball, Moonlit Sailor, Jack Moy & Glöden, Sonjagon and Colleagues. We caught up with Love Appelgren to learn more about Sweden’s newest and most likely coziest festival.

– I’ve always loved music and to organize events of any kinds, Love says. So I thought to myself; why not just arrange a festival? Me and my sister started to talk about this around New Year’s two years ago, and a couple of months later Cream Island festival saw the light for the first time. In my opinion it was a success, and people seemed happy when they left so I guess we did something right.

What is the most difficult thing about arranging the festival?
– Well, the first year was more of a trial version compared to this year’s festival. I wouldn’t say that the practical work is the hardest part, that’s probably the marketing. We have a vision of what we want the festival to be like and we have quite a long perspective, so we want to make everything accordingly to that vision from the start.

We just want do our best so people leave with a smile on their faces

– What surprised me the most is probably the local interest. A lot of people living up there thought this initiative was great so there has been some asking around, which we are delighted about. The local support is important.

What are the news for this year?
– As I said, if the first year was a test run, the 2013 version of Cream Island Festival will be way better. We learned a lot from last year and will improve everything. We are also taking a step towards a more artsy orientation, offering the participants a bigger experience.

How do you want Cream Island Festival to develop?
– Hopefully, this will continue to grow organically. We don’t want to push anything, just do our best so people leave with a smile on their faces and their mind set on returning next year.

Cream Island Festival is taking place in the small village of Gräddö north of Stockholm the 24th of August. Read more about it and buy your ticket here. Listen to Love’s Cream Island Festival mixtape below.