Dante: Stockholm har blivit kallt

Previously featured artist Dante recently released a new song together with Swedish charity organisation, Stockholms Stadsmission, with a clever deeper cause.

Dante’s song is a new version of a classic Swedish song called Stockholm – written and performed by Orup back in the 90’s. Dante teamed up with Stockholms Stadsmission to give the song a new meaning. It tells us the story of Stockholm falling into a socially colder climate.


Stockholms Stadsmission is a charity which focuses on helping the homeless and disadvantaged population of Stockholm. The isolated, homeless people that’s excluded from the society — being faced with apathetic cold-hearted compassion.

Dante have also invited singers Daniela Ubon, Pauline Skött, Ane Brun to collaborate on the mission. We contacted Dante for a quick Q&A about the project:

What was your initial thoughts about transforming an old classic and giving it a new meaning?

— I like to do covers. I tend to make covers quite often. I believe it’s a great way to learn and understand how others think when they write their songs.

— Before we started this project I had never heard the original song by Orup – I’m glad I’ve been introduced to it now. Even though the song is from the early 90’s the lyrics can be interpret in ways that feel incredibly relevant today. That’s the beauty of it and at the same time what is challenging with the song.

What’s your thought on the relation between music and this complex matter of indifference?

— I believe music is a powerful way to communicate. It’s a way of touching people’s emotions as well as rational thoughts — through the rhythms and harmonies to the lyrics. The subject is something that has been sung about since the birth of music and I think it’s a important matter.

To visualise this frozen state of social equality Stockholms Stadsmission created a custom Soundcloud player. The player reacts to your interaction which symbolises that your engagement can spread warmth. Listen to the song below and show your support of the topic.

Visit stockholmharblivitkallt.se to read more about the project and to get the cold embeddable player.