At the age of twenty-five, Fanny Hamlin has managed to achieve more than most musicians do during their whole career. After some time away from the music scene she’s now back under the name of Faye. Radar have met her.

You could think that Fanny Hamlin just stepped into the music business at the age of twenty-five. But the truth is that she, despite her young age, has managed to achieve more than most musicians do during their whole career. It all started when Fanny, at the age of thirteen, was selected among hundreds of candidates to be a member of the band Play. It wasn’t too long until the band was signed by Columbia Records and out touring with Destiny’s Child. After a few years Fanny decided to leave Play to return to her music studies, and her job as a model. Ten years later she is back in business under the name of Faye, with a sound that is completely her own, a contract with the label Hybris, and a debut album under way. Radar have met her.

How would you describe yourself?
– I’m really passionate about singing, and feel that I’ve finally found a way to express that, while having tremendously fun. The sound of my music could be described as electronic pop with a dark tone. My voice also gives it a touch of RnB. It’s a sound that never been planned, but that was created by a hundred percent feeling.

How was it to be on tour with Destiny’s Child?
– It was amazing to stand next to that enormous stage every night and see their concerts. I quickly learned all their songs and their sayings. For me it was also a forum where I could learn things and develop as a singer.

I heard that Beyoncé told you not to get into the music business. Why do you think she said that?
– I guess it was because the music business is a really tough industry, where you need to be extremely single-minded and sure of yourself. Now I really feel like that, but back then I was much more confused. Maybe she saw that.

How did the time in Play shape you as a musician?
– That time really influenced me. It gave me so many experiences and challenges, together with a lot of fun. I knew early on that I wanted to work with music in a different way, but without that experience, I would never be where I am today.


After a few years Fanny decided to leave Play to focus on her music studies, and her job as a model. But during her years away from the music scene, the idea of a solo project slowly developed, and after a walk with Johan Cederberg and Victor Holmberg from the music production duo Montauk, Faye was born.

– When I was a member of Play I used to called myself Faye, so when I started this project I thought I’d go under my real name. But after a while a realised that I was more comfortable with the name Faye. It made it easier for me to identify myself as a music artist. It has always been a solo project, but it took some time to find the right form for it. But everything worth doing takes time.

– It all began when I was taking a walk with Monatuk at Gärdet in Stockholm, after a meeting in their studio. The three of us were talking about doing a real album, one of those albums that usually are done by hip hop and RnB artists, that has this kind of story running through it. When we wrote the first song it just felt so right.

How did you get to know the guys in Montauk?
– We have been a part of each other’s lives since we were fifteen. When we finally started working together it felt like we had just been waiting for the right moment to do so. Our working process is pretty simple. We meet up in the studio in the morning and sketch out a story around the song we want to work with, and at the end of the day we usually have the song finished. But everything kind of happens in the moment…

Where do you get your inspiration from?
– Monica Zetterlund, Faith Evans, broken hearts, and the life as a teenage girl.

What happens in the nearest future?
– Right now I’m working like mad to have the album done by next spring. And then I’m going to have an amazing summer!

While you are waiting for Faye’s debut album you can listen to her singles Water Against the Rocks, Breathe Out, and Come to Me.