Follow up interview with Little Jinder

Josefine Jinder, also known as pop singer Little Jinder, started off writing English electro pop and had her first breakthrough in 2009 with the song Youth Blood. In the end of 2013 she got bored by her own sound which for her was missing color and she tried something new; writing music in Swedish. This change was to become a fortunate choice for her, because she has already released some of this year’s best singles.

We met for an after work a Thursday afternoon in an almost empty “Lilla Baren” at Riche in Stockholm. Josefine starts talking about her weird morning and about panic situations that has happened when she was really hung over. I can’t help but love her openness and energetic personality, which rubs off directly. Radar met with Josefine in March 2013 and a lot has happened since then. This time we talk about her new upcoming album entirely in Swedish, about her collaboration with Rebecca & Fiona and live performance in a pyjamas while getting her period.

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Right now you’re working on a new totally Swedish album planned to be finished in November. How has that been?
– Oh, everything went so fast! In the beginning of the year I had already released these new singles and in May I finished writing almost all the songs for the album which actually is really fast for being me. The funny thing with that is that I already feel that the album is old, although it’s not fully complete or even released yet.

I came to a dead end, where everything just sounded the same

What can we expect?
– You can expect traces from this year’s four singles of course, except eight more songs.

You used to write and produce music in English, why did you suddenly choose to write in Swedish?
– I felt that my English sound was kind of worn out and flat, I just got tired of it all and had some sort of artistic crisis. I came to a dead end where everything just sounded the same and from that on I tried to find new ways of making music. I started writing songs in Swedish and the electronic sound together with that; it didn’t sound like anything else I’ve done and I got inspired.

You’ve been quite busy this summer, with gigs at for instance Popaganda, Nyhetsmorgon and on the Malmö festival where you filled in for Elliphant who canceled. But rumors says you have a quite complicated relation to live gigs, why is that?
– I don’t like to play live so much; I used to hate it before. I simply think that it’s a damn bizarre situation, so what happens with me when I go on stage is sort of an “out-of-body-experience”. I don’t feel a connection with what happens, I just disappear somewhere else. So after a gig I’m like – Eh, was it good or…? Yeah, I’ve experienced a lot of weird things when I’ve performed live, and I don’t like it so much. But I’m working on it.


little jinder

That’s good! I’ve read about your little incident at the Emmaboda festival in 2012, when you had to perform in your pyjamas because your stylist at the time had overslept.
– Yes and that was not the only thing that happened I can assure you.

Well in that case; Tell me more!
– I got my period on stage and I broke up with my boyfriend the same day. A lot of weird things happened during that little trip and it was probably the most bizarre gig I’ve ever done. I wonder what the audience thought about me then – Wow, she really doesn’t care at all! I’ve never been so ugly.

– That’s the problem with playing live too and that I get so stressed about. Because during that time I had the most destructive and worst relationship ever and felt like shit, got put on a six hour train when I had a huge text-fight with my ex during the whole trip to the festival and I knew that when I arrived I needed to deliver my best and just like – la la la! Life is great! That’s absurd. On top of that I had no clothes, no make-up, looked like shit and got my period.

But that is what’s so admirable and great about you; even though it couldn’t get any worse, you went up and did the live gig anyway. And i read that you saved the situation a bit with sunglasses…
– Yes. Sunglasses and sweatpants, she laughs.

You have been working with Rebecca & Fiona on your latest song Vita Bergens Klockor. How was that collaboration?
– We went out together in LA when I was there in May and finished writing it; we have the same ideas and views on a lot of things with writing and producing music. It wasn’t a conceived collaboration or anything like that, we met and just clicked. So we both felt that – God, we need to do something together! “Vita bergens klockor” is basically created during a fun party night in LA.

Yeah I read somewhere that you met up somewhere in LA, drank glasses of wine together while finish writing it.
– Yes, but isn’t it like that when you meet a new person that you fall in love with for the first time? You know, it’s like being fourteen and you cannot meet each other sober. So it was a bit in that process of getting to know them, meanwhile making a song together.

Both in the video for Ful och tråkig tjej and Inga e som vi e you’ve worked with Arvida Byström[directing] and Tommie X[styling]. Why have you’ve chosen to work with them?
– It’s often rare that something I do is very “thought-out”. I meet people and some of them just match what I like and reflects my ideas. Tommie is someone I’ve hung out with at parties, naturally I call him when I need help because he understands me and I understand him.

– It’s not like I’m thinking –  Hey! Where can I find cool stylists? Because with everyone I work with I choose someone I know and trust which understands me. Tommie introduced me to Arvida and showed me her work; I liked her because she has a clear feminist agenda and she’s incredibly talented.

“Vita bergens klockor” is basically created during a fun party night in LA

I’ve never shivered that much to a music video as to the video to the song Inga e som vi e that you’ve made together with Melo. I think its brilliant because of its simplicity, but with strong feelings.
– Is that true?! That’s so nice to hear! It’s funny because Melo and I still joke about how we’re the only ones who loves the video just from its simplicity and rawness. Who wants to watch some people lick each other’s faces, she laughs.

But I get the feeling that it’s about the beginning of when you fall in love, when you’re a bit naïve and live in a little bubble. When everything is fantastic and you forget about reality and turn off everything around you. Isn’t it about that?
– Yes. Exactly! That’s absolutely what it’s about. But I basically wrote the song about that you fall in love with someone you should not be with, which lots of people maybe recognize themselves in.

What else are you planning to do this autumn?
– There will be more gigs than expected and of course I’m working on finishing my album. As soon as it’s finished I want to get out of here and travel somewhere.

Where do you want to go?
– Caribbean! The problem is that I’ve got no cash so I don’t really know how that will work out. I read some Vanity Fair interview with Johnny Depp where he drove around in Caribbean on a boat, drinking rum. And I just – I also want to do that! But when will I ever afford it? But yeah, I will probably solve it somehow.


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Photography: Jade D’econzac Mbay & Editing: Sofia Lindberg