After the success with Masshysteri, Swedish artist Hurula recently released his solo debut album Vi är människorna våra föräldrar varnade oss för. We had a chat with him about his future, the new album and the influence of his Swedish heritage.

Born and raised in Swedish Umeå, Robert Hurula became a part of the band Masshysteri in 2008, who quickly managed to break through the language barriers by touring in the United States and Europe with their Swedish songs. After two very successful albums, Robert chose to leave the group and try for a solo career. In January he released his first single Sluta deppa mig which marked a new era for the singer. We had a chat with him about his future, the new solo album and the influence of his heritage.

When, and with what did you become interested in music?
– I’ve always had some kind of interest in music. I remember that I used to record a lot of stuff off the radio on cassettes. All kinds of stuff. I thought music was important really early on. I wanted to preserve almost everything I heard, so it would’t disappear.

What did you listen to as a child? And do you think that has influenced the music you’re making today?
– When I was a kid I listened a lot to Michael Jackson and Kiss. That was how it began, I guess.Then, I think it was in 5th grade, a new kid started in my class. He introduced me to Misfits, Metallica and Bathory. That guy is still one of my best friends, to this day. That was my introduction to less mainstream music. That and skateboard-videos.

– All of that stuff made a huge impact on me, like a whole new world that opened up. And yes, I think that has influenced the music I make today.

Bands break up, solo-projects
go on forever

How much has your Luleå heritage influenced your music making?
– I don’t know if the city has influenced me. A lot of people from there has influenced me, though.A lot of friends mostly. And the conditions I grew up in.

You’ve played with a number of bands, most recently Masshysteri. How come you wanted to embark on a solo project?
– It all came naturally. When I started thinking about this as a record, I thought that it would be a band, but it became more and more clear to me that it needed to be a solo thing. Mostly because bands break up, solo-projects go on forever. And I really wanted to force myself to have an outlet for music that would go on for a long time.

Hurula Pressbild 201404 4

Tell us more about your Vi är människorna våra föräldrar varnade oss för debut album. Are there any connecting themes or thoughts?
– I don’t know if it has a theme. The theme would be me, I guess. My thoughts on love, death, rebellion, and the feeling of not really fitting in anywhere.

Do you need to actively seek inspiration?
– No I don’t seek inspiration. My inspirations for this record were all inside me.I always have melodies in my head that I want to make into songs. The words come slower though.

I just try to write without a “filter”
even if it feels too embarrassing or too personal

Tell us more about those words. What is it that you want to communicate with your songs?
– I always try to write down what comes most naturally to me. I try not to analyze myself. I just try to write without a “filter”, even if it feels too embarrassing or too personal. That’s all I know.

What happens in the nearest future?
– I’ll play some more shows. Stuff are being booked for this summer and fall right now.I’m exited about that. So far, the shows have been amazing. I’m totally stunned by the reactions and the happiness I’ve meet so far.For that I’m very thankful.

Listen to Hurula’s Vi är människorna våra föräldrar varnade oss för above.

Photography by Erik Viklund.