Ikhana – WTA video premiere

The Gothenburg based artist Ikhana last week released her latest song WTA (Where they at). It is the second track on the self-produced debut album that will be released later this spring. Today she is releasing the video for the song WTA here with us at Radar, and of course we wanted to get to know this super woman a little bit better.

Hello Ikhana! Nice to meet you. Tell us a little bit about yourself!

– Halloj! I’m an artist/producer/zebraqueen based in Gothenburg. I’m working on my first album. I eat dadelbollar errday and I am very much in love with my life.

We’re premiering the video for your latest song WTA. What is it about, and what does the video want to communicate?
– Sometimes I just need to make songs that remind me of how dope I am. WTA is basically me talking about my coolness for 3.50 minutes, haha. The video welcomes you to my world by introducing you to places and people that inspire me and make me feel good. Also, I had a great hairday while shooting this and that alone is a great reason to watch it over and over…

We know that you like zebras. If you had to pick another animal than zebra, what would it be?
– I Love English bull terriers but Shetland ponies in sweaters are fun too. Google it!

If you had an endless amount of money – what would you do?
– Donate A LOT of money and then build a super awesome (secret) fort somewhere far away.

If you had a super power, what would it be?
– If?

What do you do when nobody’s watching?
– I use my super power.

You would like to have a romantic weekend with…?
– Majkel. We’d talk about universe and eat fruit.

The most useless app you have on your phone?
– TV.nu

If you could travel back in time and change something, what would it be?
– Slavery.

If you had to be an animated character, which one would it be?
– Yoda!! In the animated version of The Clone Wars. Or Huey Freeman.

Listen to Ikhana’s music here.